Dragonball ZT RPG

Kanch - Super Size

Power Level: 98,240
Power Up: 18,020
Defense: 460
Hits: 920

Experience: 0
Fighting (70): 91
Evasion (60): 81
Weapon (10): 31
Power (80): 101
Body (50): 96
Mind (40): 64
Mental: 24
Physical: 46
Combat: 21
Move: 10

Damage: 116

Fighting and Ki Techniques
Name Dice Type
Kaiser Blade
Single Shot, Deadly Effect (800)
210 Ki
Launched by crossing the arms and sweeping down, these blue energy blades will cut through anything that comes across their path.

Kaiser Swords
Weapon (101), After Effect (50)
1,010 Ki
Light purple Kaiser Blades are created and maintained on the forearms, extending out 1/2 Move in length, and do 1 dice of damage per 10 ki. Causes burns equal to 1/2 dice damage for one phase. They must be maintained with ki each phase.

Makouhou Beam
Steady Stream, Continuous Fire
1,010 Ki
A chaotic yellow beam of energy with an orange core erupts from the user's mouth.

Throat Punch
-10 Hit
10 Fighting
A rapid, full force straight punch to the throat, fully extended.

Fury Sweep
+10 Hit
-10 Fighting
A low kick designed to trip even the most hardened of opponents.