Dragonball ZT RPG

Capsule Corp Spaceship 1138

This spaceship was built by Dr. Briefs, using the inertial engines from Tnsumi's space pod as a template. The inertial engines have been re-aligned in a polarized induction field that allows their thrust to be aimed in several directions at once, to be inverted to create an artificial black hole. Although it is quite fast, the Capsule Spaceship is not quite equal to a Space Pod in space since Dr. Briefs diverted some of its power to create the gravity field needed to train.

Origin: Earth (Tech Level B)

Builder: Supergenius

Speed: Fast (NS 1 Week)

Size: Huge

Passengers: 6

Anti-Theft System
Automatic Pilot (Planetary)
Automatic Pilot (Interstellar)
Compressed Food For Year
Interstellar Radio
Gravity Room