Dragonball ZT RPG


Molluscoid humanoids with green skin and antennae. Powerful regenerators.

Instant Healing
Namekians can almost instantly recover lost limbs by expending 100 Power.

In addition, Namekians recover Hits up to their Physical every phase, rather than every round.

Super Size
A Namekian can double their size, making their Power Level, Power Up, Physical, Hits, and Defense all double; their Combat and Move are halved.

Namekians can absorb the minds and bodies of other Namekians. An Absorption gives all the power to one personality.

Any Namekians can be part of an Absorption. The parties must be within 10% or 200 Power Level of each other, whichever is higher. The highest Power Level becomes the dominant party.

Absorption allows the dominant party to add the other's Power Level, Power Up, Defense, Hits, characteristics, special techniques, and all shared skills to their own.

Separating from an Absorption is a Incredible (26) DV Mind AT which must be performed by the party with the lower Power Level.

Super Namekian
This power is basically a special application of Absorption. Since Piccolo and Kami were originally the same being, they are not bound by the restriction of having to be within 10% or 200 Power Level of each other. Also, in this instance, since Piccolo and Kami were once one and the same, instead of simply adding the stats together the new being takes the higher of the two being's stats and doubles them.

*Rules are subject to change at any time, with or without notice*