Dragonball ZT RPG

Resistance is Futile

With the threats to Earth neutralized, the heroes were able to rest momentarily while Bulma and her father completed construction of Capsule Corp Spaceship 1138. During this time, Vulcan was able to convince Bulma to assist him in repairing his regretful betrayal of his friends. Seeking out the help of Fortuneteller Baba, Vulcan was able to sacrifice most of his worldly possessions for her to cast a spell that could only be done once every hundred years. The heroes all forgot what had happened that day on the Lookout, instead believing that Vulcan fought alongside them the entire time; only Bulma, Baba, and Vulcan recalled the truth.

Meanwhile, Tnsumi was unable to find any personal use from Tokugawa's gift to him, and he passed the katana on to Vulcan to use. With strong emotional attachment to his longsword, Vulcan was instead able to have the two blades reforged together, combining the look of his longsword with the strength of the katana.

With the spaceship completed, the heroes quickly prepared and launched towards Arlia, Kukem's dire warning still fresh in their minds. Training throughout their eight week journey, a new year dawns as they arrive, ready to face their next challenge...

Episode Summary
The dry and dark world of Arlia had been ravaged by constant war. The Arlians had been fighting amongst themselves for years trying to overthrow the evil King Moai. Though they possessed advanced weaponry, their fighters were no match for the invading Saiyans. The royal family was dead and the survivors had sent out a distress call to aid the Arlians in their fight against the Saiyan monsters.

The Saiyans were tasked with wiping out the evil king and enslaving inhabitants to claim the world of Frieza to sell on the black market to another race looking for a home. After the initial invasion, most of the government had fallen and the Arlian people were in hiding. The resistance that wants to rebuild the world was now trying to stop the Saiyans. The Saiyans have now decided to treat the rest of the bug-like creatures as playthings as they continued their mop up of the planet. Committing horrible atrocities towards these living beings, the Saiyans were now out of control. What was once a job focused around killing has become a twisted perversion of theft, murder and desecration.

Kukem had sent Tnsumi coordinates to land the Earth ship in a secluded valley on the eastern side of the main continent, away from the heaviest destruction. With the help of Tnsumi and the Earth's heroes, he hoped to stop the Saiyans and hand over the world to the resistance to restore Arlia to its former glory.

The sunlight that reached Arlia was dim and the rocky cliff that surrounded the ship were tall, blocking out even more light. The valley where the Capsule Corp ship landed was pretty barren. The burnt umber color of the rocks made the ground hard to read in the low light. Dust whipped up around the ship from the winds of the planet.

Outside, a lone figure emerged from behind some giant boulders. He waited for the ship's landing ramp to open. "Thank god you guys got here," Kukem yelled, revealing who it was. "This has gotten out of hand!"

While Vulcan immediately set about looking for something shiny, Tnsumi responded, "We got here as fast as we could, we've been dealing with our own problems on Earth."

Kukem nodded, "Oh right, that other guy. Were you able to deal with him?"

"He's been dealt with, but we ran into a... uh... slight problem..." Tnsumi trailed off. He continued as Kukem tilted his head, "The Earth's Dragonballs... they're gone."

"Gone? What do you mean gone?"

Kanch spoke up, "I ate my daddy!" to which Tnsumi shook his head and translated for him, explaining that Kanch had merged with Kami.

"You merged with Kami???" Kukem stammered, but Tnsumi held up a hand.

"That's not all. Both Jamaros and I have... uh... both managed to transform into Super Saiyans..."

"You WHAT?" Kukem exclaimed. After a brief pause, he muttered, "Well, that would explain the power surge on Earth, and boy were people chatting about that..."

Shaking his head, Kukem handed a map to the others, and focused them in. "The resistance is held up in Weevil City right now. Two of the Saiyans, Bok and May, are there trying to stamp out the Eastern Division of the Resistance." Kukem pointed to the other three directions as he continued, "Here in the north, in Dytiscidae City there are two more of them, Ronc and Teebs, working on smashing the Resistance Headquarters, but they are more fortified up there. In the west, in Imago City, the palace has already fallen, and the capital city is in ruins... come to think of it, most of the planet is in ruins due to the massive civil war that had been going on for years... that's besides the point... here in the south is where the Saiyan leader, Paragus, is. He's a monster. He's been relaxing in Adephaga City, indulging on food, violence and whatever riches the others have brought him. It's probably the nicest city on the planet still."

Jamaros nodded, "What can you tell us about the cities?"

"Well, Weevil City is a farming city with lots of crop fields, silos and other farm things. It has a massive food processing plant, and a rail port for food transport... rather ironic name, come to think of it... anyways, Dytiscidae City is a seaside town known for fishing and some aquatic farming. They've got board, a seaside refinery, and a small air control field for the Arlians that can't fly. As for Adephaga City, it's a very wealthy and well developed city, which is home to art, technology, and good fortifications. It houses the rich Arlians and is the main center for their culture."

"What about the Saiyans?" Tnsumi asked.

Kukem shook his head, "Not a whole lot... May is a real bitch, and Bok is big and stupid, but the others are a real piece of work, and like I said, Paragus is scary strong."

Kanch raised his hand slightly, chiming in, "Um, remind me exactly why we're here again?"

Kukem sighed, "We were just supposed to topple the King and take out the military installation so that Frieza's men could come in and seize the place. The Saiyans of this time are just so violent... I dislike having to work for Frieza, but to cover our tracks for the time being, it's the only way. But Paragus has gone crazy, killing and causing excessive destruction. There's no way I can just sit back and let this all happen when we are getting strong enough to take care of them on our own."

Tnsumi turned to Kanch and added, "The last thing we want is Frieza focusing in on Saiyans as a threat to his reign. A Saiyan threat means neutralizing all known Saiyans, and recall what planet had a Saiyan baby sent to it a few dozen years ago..." he finished, looking at Jamaros. "These guys are strong, but Frieza is in a different league altogether, with a Power Level somewhere around half a million."

"In any case," Kukem cut his cousin off, "we need to get to Weevil City and help the resistance there/ May and Bok are the weakest of the group... which is still twice as strong as me. But since you guys are stronger than me and have learned a lot over the last year or so, I am sure that together we can beat these guys... or at least May and Bok. Teebs and Ronc are even stronger than May and Bok, and Paragus is way stronger than all of them... he's terrifying. But if we can take out his men, the five of us, plus the resistance, may just be enough to take him down."

As Kukem finished, suddenly an explosion rocked the mountain next to the ship. Above them, behind a few rocky outcroppings, three Arlians fired down at the heroes. Kukem yelled, "Crap! Look out, everyone!" and dove for cover. Jamaros and Vulcan were hit by the blasts, though the damage was negligible.

Tnsumi yelled out, "Stop! We're here to help!" which caused the Arlians to pause, although Vulcan attacked the one that shot him , striking wide with the butt of his longsword and just missing.

"You'd already be dead if we weren't trying to help," Jamaros added, pointing out that Vulcan was using a non-lethal attack. This was enough and the Arlians calmed down, letting the heroes know they'd radio ahead to warn the others.

The group flew off to Weevil City in the north. In the dim light and dusty atmosphere, the farming city sprawled out over several hundred kilometers. The large lake that sat west of the city was fed by a river that stretched up to the north and west and provided water for the crops. Even in the reduced light, the golden color of grain could be seen from the air. The grain silos had all been damaged or destroyed along the fields, and the food processing plant on the outskirts of the city had small fires burning all through the compound. The rail yard looked surprisingly untouched and the rail lines stretched into the western mountains, disappearing into the distance. The buildings of the city all had varying degrees of damage on them. Some were completely reduced to rubble. In the distance, explosions could be seen, followed several seconds later by the percussions of the blasts.

Kukem pointed to the explosions as they flew towards the city, "That area is where the underground bunkers are protecting what's left of the city's people. The resistance is setup there and probably have men all through the surrounding city blocks. Though, there are three Saiyans in our group, so I won't be surprised if we are attacked as well. Apparently, we all look alike to the Arlians. We should probably set down a few blocks away to keep the element of surprise. These Saiyans have no idea how to detect power levels without scouters."

The group touched down in a wrecked neighborhood. Most of the buildings were destroyed. In a few places, the glow of candlelight revealed the presence of the Arlians who had hidden in the ruins. The streets were littered with debris and some dead exoskeletons of Arlians. The occasional gust of wind blew the dust around the deserted streets. A few blocks away, the explosions continued to echo through the city. Each one caused the ground under foot to vibrate. Vulcan immediate scanned the area and spotted some gold coins under a few of the corpses, which he immediately pocketed, before the group continued on.

The next street was more of the same. Lots of rubble and dirt. More corpses lined the streets. The smell of death was a bit more intense here as the group got closer to the active destruction. This street had rubble blasted clear across the street. Chunks of rock and building about four feet high laid in the way. The only way past was to go over it. As the heroes made their way over, a blast exploded a few feet from the heroes. The source appeared to be from the damaged buildings along the side of the street. Several more blasts exploded, nearly hitting the group. "Shit, everyone take cover!" Kukem yelled, while Tnsumi waved his hands towards the direction of the blast in an attempt to stop the attackers. Unfortunately, one of the attackers took the opportunity to hit Tnsumi, and his Capsule Corp Armor reflected the blast back, killing the Arlian.

Vulcan picked up one of the dead exoskeletons nearby and held his longsword to its throat, yelling out, "Stop the attack or your friend gets it!" This gave the Arlians enough pause for Vulcan to continue, "Now put down the weapons and turn around." With the tension eased, the heroes once again explained that they were here to help, and the Arlians finally accepted, alerting the others with their radio to let them know. Somehow, this group didn't appear to get the first message.

The next street opened into a small square. The square had been destroyed and is littered with debris, bodies and some wrecked buildings. A statue of the evil king laid toppled on its side across the square, its head detached. On the other side of the square, in the next street over, two figured could be seen blasting buildings, people and a large domed structure. "Jesus, those two are even wilder than before. Look at all this destruction," Kukem sighed. Past the two Saiyans, the city appeared to still be in half decent shape. Some buildings even appeared to still have power on. An Arlian strike team was situated behind some large rubble firing blasts at the Saiyans in front of the domed building.

Kukem's scouter beeped, giving a power reading of the two Saiyans: they were both at 60,000. "You guys got any plans?" he asked. The two Saiyans were focusing their firepower on the domed building. When one of the Arlians popped up, they were immediately picked off by the warriors. There were cracks starting to form on the sides of the domed building and the Arlians were beginning to lose ground to the Saiyans. While the group discussed what they should do, Vulcan's own Power Level of 13,500 pinged the Saiyan scouters and they turned around.

"Hey Kukem!" Bok yelled. "Where you been, little coward? Still whining about the lives of the puny bugs?"

What a pansy," May chuckled. "Who are you pansy friends?"

My friends and I are here to put a stop to your needless killing." Kukem stated defiantly.

Bok burst into laughter and checked his scouter, noticing the power levels of everyone with him at or below Kukem's own Power Level. "Your friends are just as weak as you are! I told you he was a wuss, May."

"Yup. Pathetic. Well, we can take a break from killing these bugs long enough to kill you pests instead. You sure you wanna try fighting us, Kukes? Seems like a death wish..."

Jamaros spoke up, stating matter-of-factly, "We have shut mouths bigger than yours."

At this point, Tnsumi growled, "I've heard enough," and powered up.

Kanch kicked things off with a kick to Bok in the throat, though Bok simply looked down at him and laughed. Vulcan made his way quickly around the deserted square to the resistance fighters and took command of them, having them take up defensive positions within the buildings and fire en masse at the two Saiyans. Tnsumi continued to power up, while May struck Kukem. Bok struck Kanch back, and Jamaros immediately activated his Kaio Ken x5. Tnsumi, now sufficiently powered up, used a Triple Uppercut on Bok, scoring several painful hits, to which Bok attacked him with a large energy blast. Jamaros, unimpressed, grabbed Bok, holding him in place.

Kanch activated his own Kaio Ken x5, while Vulcan directed the Arlians to shoot the female Saiyan, then flew back and struck Bok in the neck with his longsword, though only causing superficial damage. Tnsumi, seeing Bok trapped by Jamaros, grinned, raised his Fire Power Ring, and launched an explosive Flame Tornado into Bok's face. May tried to help by attacking Jamaros with her Nightshade Cannon but Jamaros was able to rotate in time, causing her to hit Bok. this caused Bok to erupt in a Saiyan Rage, breaking free from Jamaros's hold. Jamaros tried to strike back with his Lone Wolf Bite, but missed the burly Saiyan. While Kanch powered up nearby, Bok grabbed both Jamaros and Tnsumi in one hand each and screamed, "SALAD SHAKER!" slamming them into the ground repeatedly three or four times with considerable pain.

Kanch unleashed a powerful Kaiser Blade on May, while Vulcan tried and failed to use Mental Control on her. Tnsumi dug himself out of the ground and reached deep into his energy, tripling his reflexes temporarily to fire a homing Reokun Ki at Bok and hitting him with the golden energy beam, while May continued to wail on Kukem. Bok, seeing red, used his Brassica Beatup on Tnsumi, while Jamaros got back up and used another Lone Wolf Bite on Bok, this time hitting him. Vulcan took the spotlight, however, when he activated Kaio Ken x5, then Kaio Ken x10 in rapid succession, following up with his Aviary Strike to Bok. The swirling black electric energy that enveloped his longsword's blade surging as it slashes into Bok, cleaving him in half, quite dead, and leaving a fading hint of energy crackling in the air.

Seeing the death of Bok, May herself exploded in a Saiyan Rage, with an additional blood-red aura as she grew twice as large in a sort of berserker rage. Kanch tried to fire a Makouhou Beam at May which missed, and Vulcan again tried and failed with his Mental Control. Tnsumi powered up, and May launched a massive Nightshade Cannon at Vulcan, though Tnsumi jumped in the way to protect the young avian, wearing the blast himself. Jamaros, seeing the danger they were in, for the first time pushed himself further into his own Kaio Ken x10, and Vulcan again tried and failed to use Mental Control on May. Tnsumi, now himself in a state of Saiyan Rage, got back up and ate one of his senzu beans, recovering from the damage, and Jamaros dug into his own energy, tripling his strength and grabbing May on the spot.

With May immobilized, Kanch was able to land a second Makouhou Beam, holding it steady while Vulcan piled on with another Aviary Strike. May struggled to break free, but Jamaros held firm, and Tnsumi began to charge his Reokun Ki, yelling, "Reee..." Vulcan repeated his Aviary Strike, and May used her Nightshade Cannon in return on him, while Tnsumi conitnued charging, "Oooo... Give up or it's over!" May spit at him, vowing never to surrender, and Tnsumi continued charing, "Kuuuuun... KIIIIII!!!" with a planet-shattering wave of golden energy erupting from his hands and striking May full force. She was able to survive the attack with her increased power, but only barely.

Kanch would be the one to land the final blow, pushing more lethal ki into her with his Makouhou Beam, evaoprating May into nothingness, while the splashback burned Jamaros behind her. Suddenly, the voice of Tumble called out from above, "I should have figured you guys would be causing all the issues here, you dirty Saiyans!"

Bumble's voice chimed in, "Look, boss. Day even got a Namekian wit dem..."

Tumble could be heard growling, "For crying out loud, Bumble. The Namekian was there on Snake Way too. It's the exact same group... minus the short, fat one."

"Hey, yer right, Tumble." Bumble responded.

"Of course I'm right, you dolt!"

Ruff could finally be heard, sighing, "That's enough, you two! We got a job to do for the Arlians. Let's take out these Saiyans!"

"We're here to help!" Tnsumi yelled out, before turning to the others, "Who are they and what in the hell did you all do to each other?"

Before anyone could answer, an Arlian guard scrambled over some nearby rubble. "Wait! Honorable Rumble Gang, these people aren't part of the Saiyan invasion. They have come to help stop them, like you have!"

What? I find that very unlikely..." Ruff trailed off.

"It is true," the Arlian responded. "They encountered some of our resistance fighters on their way here. They are on our side."

Hmmm... I don't know. I don't trust them."

"I understand," the Arlian continued, "but we need all of your help if we are going to stop these Saiyans."

Ruff looked to his men and then at the heroes. "I don't like this, but for now we will call a truce." The heroes all nodded in response, and as the Arlian resistance began to clean up the street around the domed building that served as their headquarters, Kukem's scouter began to flash. A rapid spike in energy flickered across his screen and he turned to the west. Over the peaks of the western mountains, high into the dimly lit sky, a giant fireball reached out into space. The whole planet shuddered and, for a moment, it was as if it were a typical day on Earth. After a few seconds, the light began to fade and Kukem looked back at the group.

"I think Paragus just wiped a whole section of the planet off the map..."