Dragonball ZT RPG

Battle for Arlia

Last time on Dragonball ZT, while Kanch held back to assist in the cleanup of Weevil City, the remaining heroes set out to stop Teebs and Ronc's attack on the resistance leader, Cicadea, in the resistance's fortified compound in Adephaga City. Hundreds of Saibamen stood between the heroes and their objective, but they were not deterred. Cutting through the army of Saiyan henchmen with nuclear precision, it took the heroes no time at all to breach the siege and rescue the entrenched Arlians within.

With Cicadea and her resistance fighters secured, the heroes then turned their focus towards the Saiyans. A fierce melee ensued, but ultimately the heroes were able to gain the upper hand, though only barely. Teebs and Ronc were no more, and now, it was only Paragus who remained a threat to the Arlian civilization. Reports came in that even the Rumble Gang was no match for the mighty Saiyan leader, as one of the canine warriors was killed in action, but the time for the final showdown is nonetheless underway!

Episode Summary
Battle weary, the heroes arrived back at Weevil City after the battle with Teebs and the two Roncs. The weather had turned violent as a storm moved in over the city but the four fighters had made it safely, beating the Princess back to the base. As their wounds were tended to by the Arlians, Kukem, Tnsumi, Jameros and Vulcan relayed their fight to Kanch, who had been helping the Arlians get oranized for rebuilding their planet. The medical bay was dark, machines whirring as the fighters received their treatment.

Eventually the Arlian Commander who had adopted Vulcunism returned with a squad of twelve Arlians in tow to assist. In return for the Arlian's loyalty, Vulcan promoted him to the rank of High Admiral, and besotwed upon his birhgt pink rock, which he stated would give the Arlian immortality. As the group questioned what was going on, Vulcan whispered to the side at Jamaros, "It'll guarantee his loyalty if he believes it."

A group of Arlians entered, carrying Ruff and Tumble on stretchers. They were badly beaten up, soaked in their own blood. Tumble was missing his left arm below the elbow. They were immediately prepped to be placed in a healing chamber. Kukem turned to the others in a low voice, "It looks like the big one was the one who bit the dust."

Ruff's eyes snapped open, "His name was Bumble! You Saiyan monsters are to blame for this! You bastards have done nothing bu hurt my people. I knew I should never have trusted a Saiyan. You're all the same! Cold. Heartless. Murderous... monkeys. When I get out of here, I will hunt you down and kill every, last, one of you Saiyan bastards."

Kukem shivered, "Woah... intense."

Jamaros tried to explain that he was the one who warned the Rumble Gang about fighting Paragus alone, but Ruff waved him off dismissively. The Arlians finished loading Tumble into a healing chamber and then loaded Ruff in. As the chamber filled with healing fluid, Ruff stared at the Saiyans in the room as he was submerged. As the chamber finally finished filling, he closed his eyes as the machine placed him into a healing trance.

An Arlian medic turned to the group and spoke, "I have a remedy that I want you to take to help with your healing. Though your physiology is different from ours, it should still help. It is made of a very rare plant found on our mountains and has incredible healing properties." The medic handed each of the fighters, except Tnsumi, a small glass bottle of a green watery substance. "Drink, drink."

Tnsumi looked around, "What about me?"

"Ah, I'm glad you asked. Are you able to walk?" As the group drank their liquid, they all became drowsy and fell into a healing sleep. Tnsumi nodded, and the medic continued, "Then please, follow me."

Tnsumi was led down a long series of corridors, down some stairs and through a dimly lit meditation chamber. On the other side, he followed the medic into a room, lit with several hundred candles and a large training mat. Sitting on a cushion, dressed in her combat robes, Cicadea motioned for Tnsumi to sit on the cushion across from her. The medic bowed and left the room. "First off, I want to thank you for healing me with your magic bean," Cicadea said. "It amazes me that it is far more effective than our mountain herbs and our healing tank. My aide has informed me that you and your friends were able to defeat the Saiyans that were attacking our headquarters, but I hear our Chi-Chi-Wah friends were not as successful with the Saiyan leader." Tnsumi nodded, stating that Bumble had in fact died in the battle, and she continued, "I do not know if my people will be able to stop these Saiyans, and I fear that even though you and your friends are powerful, you may not be strong enough to stop this Saiyan warrior."

The princess reached behind her back and revealed a glowing stone, "This is the last Iron Stone. They have been passed down through our elite warriors through the centuries and is the mystical source of a technique known as Iron Skin. Legend states that it was bestowed upon our ancient ancestors from the gods and its power continues to thrive in these stones to this day.

"Iron Skin protects the user from physical damage. Almost like how you utilize an energy deflection, Iron Skin can negate any damage you receive from an opponent. But, if you are hit with an energy attack, that protection is lost.

"I want you to take this stone. I will show you how to draw the power out of it to achieve Iron Skin. It is the last of its kind on our planet. I contemplated using it on our strongest warriors, but the Saiyan easily wiped them out with nothing more than a few energy blasts. You and your friends are our only hope. I chose you because of your generosity and willingness to heal a stranger. Hopefully, with the Iron Skin ability, you and your friends can work together and defeat this threat and we will be able to rebuild our planet back into the glorious state it was before the civil wars."

Tnsumi nodded in agreement, and Cicadea responded, "Now, prepare yourself." She handed the stone to Tnsumi and stood behind the Saiyan warrior. She placed a clawed hand on each of his shoulders and dug her nails deep into his skin. Blood began to seep out of the wound as she gripped tighter. "Focus on the stone. Draw every last ounce of power out and pour into the stone. You must continue to focus on the stone with your life force until the stone begins to falter. Only after you manage to crack the protective power, will it release its secrets to you."

Tnsumi began to power up and focused his power into the stone. The ceremony lasted well into the night until, as Tnsumi reached the brink of exhaustion, the stone began to crack in the palms of his hands. Instantly, the room was bathed in a searing white light as the power of the stone wrapped Tnsumi's body in ribbons of silver light.

Princess Cicadea released her grip on the Saiyan as he floated into the air. She clasped her hands together and she raised her head as if looking into the sky. She offered a silent prayer to the gods for forgiveness as the last Iron Stone transferred her people's scared technique into the body of a Saiyan.

Many hours passed as the night gave way to a stormy morning and then it slipped into a clear afternoon. Tnsumi had finally finished his ritual and was rejuvenated by the power of the now inert Iron Stone. As the afternoon began to fade into the evening over Weevil City, a re-energized Tnsumi entered the medical bay to check on his friends.

Through the last eighteen hours, with the aid of the healing herb juice, the fighters had regained their strength. As the medics brought food in for the group to eat, Tnsumi sat on the empty bed that he had left earlier and spoke to his friends, explaining about the Iron Stone and the new technique he had been granted. Jamaros, none too pleased that it wasn't in any way helpful for the rest of them, made several snide remarks at Tnsumi. In return, Tnsumi activated his Iron Skin and pushed Jamaros; as expected, Jamaros's fist swung in return, but the Iron Skin not only protected Tnsumi, it reflected the punch's force back onto Jamaros, bruising his knuckles. Kukem grumbled and shot Tnsumi with a small energy blast, destroying the Iron Skin. Trying to change the subject, Kukem noted, "Those two dog people still haven't regained their health. Man, they were beaten up badly."

As tensions melted, an Arlian commander entered the room. "Sorry sirs. We have gotten word that the Saiyan leader is on the move. Our scouts have revealed that he is heading towards Weevil City. Princess Cicadea has requested your presence in the command office. Follow me please."

The command room was large, with several monitors, maps and other strategic gear setup to run all sorts of scenarios in both war time and peace time. Several Arlians man the different stations, with chatter happening between communications units. In the center of the room was a map of the eastern seaboard of Arlia set up as a 3D model. A few military commanders spoke back and forth, occasionally gesturing and pointing at the map in front of them. Princess Cicadea stood with them. When she noticed the fighters enter, she waved them over to the 3D map. "Ah, welcome. You find yourselves rested and rejuvenated? Perfect. We have received word that the Saiyan leader, Paragus, is heading our way. Our scouts noticed he was on the move early this morning. We were surprised to see him taking his time getting here, however. We have set up a perimeter around the complex today thanks to Kanch's help these last twenty-eight hours. He has helped us immensely. If Paragus is allowed to enter the city, we are afraid he will do unspeakable damage to the remaining Arlian people here. It is of the utmost importance that we do not allow Paragus into the city."

The group nodded in agreement, then one of the Arlian radar techs spoke up, "Princess. The Saiyan has picked up speed. We calculate he'll be here by nightfall."

"Why is he travelling so slow?" Kukem asked. "He should be able to get here in no less than an hour. What is he up to? Maybe we can head him off in the wasteland here west of the city so people don't get hurt."

Tnsumi had a suspicion as to why he was delaying, but Vulcan spoke up directly about the incident with Jamaros on a full moon's night on planet Sparta. Kanch recalled that blowing up the moon of Sparta had broken the Oozaru transformation, and suggested the same tactic, "We can blow up the moon."

Tnsumi shook his head, "There's two moons-"

"We can blow up two moons!" Kanch responded without missing a beat. The Arlians were less than enthused at the idea of blowing up their moons, but Kanch persisted, "Nothing bad happened on Sparta..."

"You don't know that!" Tnsumi responded.

As the heroes argued, the radar tech spoke up again, "Princess! There is a breach in the city defenses! Several beings have managed to punch through the southern line!"

"Can we hold them?" Cicadea asked.

"No, ma'am. They are too strong."

Cicadea turned to the fighters, "I beg of you, please take care of this quickly. I will round up some more of our men to reinforce the southern line." The heroes agreed and departed with haste.

At the southern gate, bodies lay everywhere. Carnage and destruction had decimated the Arlians protecting the southern entrance. As the afternoon slipped into evening and the dim sun began to fade, several small shadowy figures darted around causing destruction. A scream from behind a large rubble pile revealed an Arlian trying to escape the attacker. A large purple Saibaman stepped out from behind the rubble and fired an energy blast that incinerated the Arlian. Five other purple Saibamen could be seen within the rubble nearby. The six of them together continued to blast Arlians and inhabited buildings as the residents panicked and started fleeing the southern portion of the city. Kukem looked around as he spoke, "We should probably take care of these guys before they cause any more harm. Should we each take one?"

Vulcan responded by using Mental Control to stop one Saibaman in its tracks, while Tnsumi fired five small energy blasts and the remainder, killing two. Kanch, Vulcan, and Jamaros then all powered up, while the three remaining Saibamen all fired energy blasts at Tnsumi, though all three missed. The Saibaman under Vulcan's control tried to break free, but without success, as Kanch launched a Kaiser Blade at another one, eviscerating it. Vulcan continued to power up, while Jamaros punched a second Saibaman, exploding its face in a purple goo. Vulcan then went to slice a third with his longsword but missed, and in doing so broke his concentration on the first, freeing it to immediately hit Vulcan with a small energy blast.

Tnsumi reacted by using his Triple Uppercut on the Saibaman that attacked Vulcan, killing it, and Kanch finished up the last one with a quick punch. As the dust settled from the skirmish with the Saibamen, the fighters could feel a powerful figure approaching from the west. Suddenly the Arlian High Admiral arrived with his squad in tow. "Find any people, and get as far away from the west side of the city as possible," Vulcan directed, and the Arlians set off to enact his orders.

"Judging by his speed, we should be able to make it to our interception point in just enough time to stop him." Everyone agreed and they sped off towards the approaching power.

The interception point on the western outskirts of the city was barren. Hardly any vegetation was scattered across the ground. Dirt, dust and rock created a barren and open wasteland perfect for fighting. The mountains to the west were a dark backdrop to the wastelands, as the city lights to the east offered barely noticeable light. The heroes were present for only a few moments, just enough time to fully power up and for Vulcan to enter Kaio Ken x10 before a figure loomed over the mountains and rapidly approached the group. In a glowing trail of power, an older man with a beard landed in front of the fighters. As he studied the five warriors, his scouter beeped with whirred, displaying each fighter's power level to him. "I am a little shocked that my team had such a problem with you all. And you, Kukem. I have a feeling you were never really on our side at all, were you."

"N..no. I wasn't. I'm not like you, Paragus. I don't need to kill innocent people just because I was told to."

"Hmph," Paragus snorted. "You call yourself a Saiyan... I am more impressed at the birdman and his powerful fighting abilities. You have managed to do quite a bit of damage for such a pathetically powered individual."

"Weak?" Vulcan asked, holding firm.

"You amuse me, birdman. I'll kill you last. I almost forgot there was a Namekian on your little team. We'll be dealing with your little home planet soon enough. For now, I guess I will jumpstart the extermination of your species by killing you." Paragus then turned to the others, "And as for you three Saiyans, you should have joined me. Now, you'll have to die." Paragus then powered up, as power flowed around him. The ground shook and the rocks began to rise into the air. Above him, the clouds swirled in the sky.

Vulcan responded to Paragus's taunt by increasing to Kaio Ken x15, while Tnsumi braced himself in a fighting stance, raising his Iron Skin. Paragus then launched into a Sparrow Grass Slicer against Jamaros, cleanly cutting the Saiyan's tail off. Jamaros's reaction was instant and furious, as he exploded in a Saiyan Rage, immediately into Super Saiyan, and used his Speed of the Hunt to strike Paragus solidly, stunning Paragus at the readout of a power level over 1,600,000. Kanch increased his combat ability with Kaio Ken x5, while Vulcan went beyond anything he'd ever done before with Kaio Ken x20, surging his power level to 632,000. Kanch then followed up with activating his Kaiser Swords.

Glowing a brilliant crimson, Vulcan further increased his strength three-fold and struck at Paragus with his Aviary Strike, but narrowly missed. Tnsumi dug deeper into his defensive stance, raising a Deflection, while Paragus was able to reclaim his senses and struck Jamaros squarely with his fist. Kanch tried to strike with his Kaiser Swords, but Paragus was able to deftly counterpunch the Namekian. Vulcan attempted to use his Mental Control to get Paragus to stop in his tracks, but to no avail. Tnsumi finally went on the offensive, launching a large, homing Reokun Ki and striking Paragus, burning through the Saiyan's Battle Armour Deflection. Paragus grimaced and responded with a Spear Cannon, crushing both Tnsumi's Deflection and the one afforded by his Capsule Corp Armor, still managing to do a sizable amount of damage. Vulcan cut at Paragus with a second Aviary Strike, this time finding solid purchase, but Paragus shrugged the attack off and instead grabbed Kukem, ripping the only other remaining Saiyan tail off, besides his own.

Vulcan took this chance to apparently run away, while the sight of his cousin losing his tail pushed Tnsumi into a Saiyan Rage, from which he struck with a second Reokun Ki. Paragus wore the energy blast and chuckled as the smoke cleared, "If that's the best you can do, this is going to be a quick fight." Jamaros, seeing the focus on Saiyan tails, doubled his reflexes and aimed a strike at Paragus's tail, missing. Kanch increased to Kaio Ken x10, while Vulcan, now distant from the fight, began charging his Aviary Strike. Jamaros continued his assault on Paragus's tail, and Kanch joined in, launching his Kaiser Blade at Paragus but missing as well. Jamaros finished his onslaught with a third strike using Speed of the Hunt; while he landed the attack, it was not nearly enough to do enough damage to cu through Paragus's tail.

Vulcan continued to charge his Aviary Strike, while Tnsumi attempted to strike at Paragus's groin with his Triple Uppercut, without success. Paragus then uppercut Jamaros in the face, while Jamaros tried and failed to grab at Paragus in return. Kanch went even further with Kaio Ken x15 pushing his power level to over 754,000, then launched a second, much stronger Kaiser Blade at Paragus's tail, finally finding his mark and removing the appendage.

Paragus exploded in a Saiyan Rage, but immediately afterward Tnsumi transformed into Super Saiyan, the power level of over 2,260,000 from his golden aura dwarfing anything else on the battlefield. Vulcan's attack continued to charge, becoming more deadly by the second, while Kanch met his limit with Kaio Ken, his body unable to sustain the incredible strain and burning out. "I set him up for you..." he managed to grunt out, before collapsing unconscious. Jamaros increased his strength three-fold himself and managed to grab Paragus in a hold, but the enraged Saiyan was able to break free, throwing the Super Saiyan that grabbed him into the second one, collapsing both of them onto the ground. Tnsumi threw Jamaros off of him and stood up, throwing his remaining Senzu Bean directly into Kanch's mouth to revive his ally, while Jamaros got up as well and began charging his Lone Wolf Bite. Paragus snickered, beginning to charge his own attack in return. In the distance, Vulcan's technique completed charging, still without notice from Paragus.

Paragus's attack finished charging and he launched an incredibly powerful Sear Cannon at Jamaros, who tried to use his Lone Wolf Bite as a counterblast, but the attack was far too powerful and overwhelmed Jamaros's own, striking him directly. Tnsumi finally saw his opening and moved as fast as he could to appear behind Paragus, grabbing him from behind and screaming, "Do it now!!!" Vulcan, his attack ready, launched forward at full force with his Aviary Strike from behind, thrusting and impaling both Tnsumi and Paragus through the chest. Tnsumi, blood coughing up, smiled as the diversions had succeeded, then quickly grew limp, his golden Super Saiyan aura snuffing out along with his life force.

As Vulcan's face neared Paragus's, his breathed a single word, "Weak."

Blood sputtering out of his mouth, Paragus touched his scouter, chuckling, "You may... have beaten me, but... my son... will avenge my... death. I'm counting... on you, Broly." Paragus's lifeless body then collapsed down, with Tnsumi's body atop him, both now dead.

Kanch had awoken and stood up. Standing on the battlefield, the remaining heroes looked around. The Saiyans had been neutralized and Arlia was safe once more. Kukem could feel tears streaming down his face as he looked at the body of his slain cousin. As he picked Tnsumi's body up, he noticed the Dragon Radar in a small pocket. Taking it out, vhe vowed to do what he could to revive his cousin. Suddenly a message beeped in Kukem's ears from Cicadea, "Well done! Please return back here so that we may congratulate you on saving our planet."

Jamaros turned to Kukem and spoke quietly, "Please, allow me to carry him."

As they returned, the awards ceremony was small, but the Arlians were happy to be safe from the Saiyan threat. The Arlian High Admiral even agreed to join Vulcan on his adventure to protect the galaxy and the universe from other eveil threats. The heroes were all awarded five hundred gold coins and four Arlian Headbands, but a sombre tone undercut the celebrations. Much had been lost since the heroes had left Earth, and there was still much to be done to repair some of the damage.