Dragonball ZT RPG

Theft at Capsule Corp

Three months since departing Sparta, Drimys delivered the other heroes to Earth and set out on a return trip to his home world to help rebuild the capital. He intended on ensuring that the Leonids kept their word on slavery and reforming their ways, and he also hoped he could train under Lepida to discover the secrets of the mysterious third transformation: the Living Blade!

Upon their return to Earth, Jameros, Vanforte, Conch, and Vulcan decided to seek out the Dragonballs to wish back the people who died during the invasion. Over the next two months they were able to track down the 3-Star and 6-Star Dragonballs, and during one of their adventures they learned that Bulma, daughter of Capsule Corp founder Dr. Briefs, had developed a device to help locate the mysterious golden orbs.

The time had come for Vanforte to act. In his forty years of training on Earth and with his rise to the ranks of hero, he was now close to achieving his masterful goals. Fighting alongside the Earth's greatest warriors gained him immense powers, far more than would have been achievable on his own.

In the middle of the night after learning of the Dragon Radar, Vanforte collected the 2 Dragonballs and disappeared into the darkness. The heroes were left on their own in the mountains at Vanforte's old lodge, oblivious as to what was about to unfold...

Episode Summary
The lodge the heroes had been residing in was small, consisting of one medium sized open living area, a bathroom, a bedroom, and was large enough to fit two people comfortably; it would come as no surprise that the three heroes were a little cramped on cots on the floor. There was a TV left on through the night in the corner of the main room, and a small kitchen with a stove and fridge on one wall, with a large window on the main wall looking out on to the cliff. The opposite wall had a chest of drawers and a woodstove on it. Outside the main windows, the cliff that the lodge sat on overlooked the nearest small town at the base of the mountains. A small yard surrounded the lodge, with a little empty garden and a woodpile that was partially split and stacked, and a small radio sitting nearby.

In the morning, the group awakened to find Vanforte missing. Vulcan initially decided to use the bathroom and followed up with some wood chopping, while Conch checked the TV in the corner. It was from the TV that the heroes learned of a threat to Capsule Corp ongoing in the morning. While the others prepared to depart outside, Vulcan chose to stall, keeping the hand-axe from the wood chopping, and searching the main room first to find three broken capsules. Nothing of note was within the bathroom, and in the bedroom he further found six senzu beans. He gave one of the beans each to Jamaros and Conch before the group departed for Capsule Corp at Mach Four; fifteen minutes later they arrived in front of the main building in West City.

Outside, Vanforte was standing near Bulma and a collapsed Dr. Briefs, Dragon Radar in his hand. A small amount of damage could be seen on the building itself, and two other men were standing alongside Vanforte. Upon the arrival of the heroes Vanforte grunted, insulting Jamaros's puppy, which caused Jamaros to immediately strike back. Vulcan, not wanting to see a fight break out, attempted to use his Mental Control to convince Vanforte to stop fighting, but failed. Instead, he chose to leave the area and enter a nearby coffee shop. Getting mad at the interruptions, Vanforte started to glow strangely while the smaller thug, identified as Kastley, struck back at Jamaros; Jamaros in response activated his Kaio Ken x5 and fired a Lone Wolf Bite, launching Kastley into a nearby building.

Jamaros charged in a second time towards Vanforte and punched, narrowly missing, while Conch activated his Kaiser Swords. The larger of the men with Vanforte punched Conch, knocking him several dozen meters back, and Kastley emerged from the side of the building he was thrown into, moving back to face down Jamaros who simply grabbed him tight. Conch's response to the bigger man - identified by this point as Ri - was to launch a Makouhou Beam, blasting him into a separate building. Ri made his way out of the rubble and aggressively approached Conch, while Kastley struggled in Jamaros's grip to no avail. Vanforte continued to glow even brighter as something was changing in him, and Jamaros took this opportunity to throw Kastley at Vanforte to disrupt whatever was happening; unfortunately, as Kastley connected he quite simply evaporated against the pulsing energy bubble, with no sign of him remaining. During all of this, Vulcan had set himself up to panhandle at the coffee shop, using Mental Control to make the locals become mimes, with one particularly large woman pretending she was a chicken, resulting in 50 zeni for him. He followed up with some sword and axe juggling generating a further 80 zeni. This was all topped off by making some of the locals advertise on his behalf for the Other World golden clouds he had kept to eat, earning an additional 200 more zeni.

As the others continued their fighting, Vulcan continued to get people to peddle his goods, albeit less successfully, only generating 100 zeni, and by this point even spinning his new Featherguard technique around with his longsword only received 50 zeni more. Vanforte finally exploded in a massive surge of energy, causing Conch to lose his footing. A large alien creature emerged from the smoke where the energy had erupted, identifying itself as Sagi-Shi. Jamaros's immediate reaction was to launch a substantial Lone Wolf Bite, which failed to do anything to the alien. Conch, seeing that more ki would be required, powered up, but Ri, enraged at the death of his friend, punched Jamaros, who flew backwards, remaining standing. Sagi-Shi told the heroes that he was not there to kill anyone, but he needed some sort of additional power with the Dragonballs to rule his home planet. Unfortunately, he also threw in another dig at Jamaros's puppy, which caused him to erupt into a Saiyan Rage. Conch tackled Ri, asking him to cease attacking a last time, but Ri struck back at Conch, who deftly parried with his Kaiser Swords. Sagi-Shi, seeing no other way out, began to charge a large ki attack, while an enraged Jamaros launched an incredibly powerful Lone Wolf Bite; unfortunately Sagi-Shi was able to deflect it high into the sky, where two pods could be seen only barely evading the attack before landing roughly on the ground nearby.

Two figures emerged from the pods, a regularly sized spiky haired male, and a second, slightly taller one with a tail much like Jamaros. From their arguing they identified themselves as Peezer - Tnsumi, in fact, as he hated that name - and Kukem, two Saiyans from something known as the Frieza Force. As they identified Jamaros as a Saiyan like them, apparently named Squishy, Bulma took this opportunity to pull her father inside the Capsule Corp building. During this entire exchange Sagi-Shi's attempt to charge his own massive technique fizzled as he stood, incredulous, at the scene unfolding before him. Tnsumi and Kukem were able to explain a little bit about the Saiyan race to Jamaros, who was skeptical about them, before they were asked to assist in the battle. Kukem was more interested in helping Bulma, but Tnsumi happily obliged.

Tnsumi powered up, his Scouter identifying Sagi-Shi's power level at 31,000. Conch reactivated his Kaiser Swords, and Sagi-Shi powered up even further. Jamaros, still in a rage, again launched a massive Lone Wolf Bite, which deflected off Sagi-Shi for a second time; Ri made a quick energy blast at Jamaros in response, but missed. Tnsumi then temporarily bulked up both his strength and dexterity, moving in and striking Sagi-Shi with a lightning-fast Fury Kick to the sternum. While not able to damage Sagi-Shi, it did break his concentration and lower his Deflection. Conch, tiring of Ri's antics and refusal to back down, gutted the man with his Kaiser Swords, silencing him permanently. Enraged at the deaths of Kastly and Ri, and at the impertinence of Tnsumi's arrival and immediate attack, Sagi-Shi responded with an explosive Blast of Fury from his mouth, connecting into Tnsumi's chest and enveloping him, launching him hundreds of meters away and destroying the Saiyan's armor. Jamaros continued his headstrong focus with another large Lone Wolf Bite, connecting finally with Sagi-Shi and burning him savagely. Tnsumi landed with most of his ki burned up and his body battered, bruised, and broken, but this only enraged him as well, activating a Saiyan Rage as he powered up, a massive 10,000 ki aura swirling around him. Conch struck Sagi-Shi with his blades and connected, burning the alien even further. Throughout all of this, Vulcan was beginning to lose the interest of the locals in the coffee shop as the battle raged nearby, but he finally convinced three of them to accept a 3:1 bet on 200 zeni that he could defeat the alien.

Tnsumi made his way back to the combat zone, and launched his own huge attack, a sizable Reokun Ki blast, hitting Sagi-Shi and damaging him even further. Conch swung in again with his blades and Sagi-Shi attempted to deal with him with a Blast of Fury. Conch tried to react with a counterblast of his own, but wasn't able to do it in time and wore the attack. Jamaros, getting sick and tired of Sagi-Shi, started to charge an incredible amount of ki into one attack. Vulcan finally made his way back to the fight and asked who he needed to focus on, while everyone pointed to Sagi-Shi in response. He acquiesced and snuck up behind Sagi-Shi, driving his longsword into the alien's back. Tnsumi put up a Deflection of his own in preparation of any more attacks coming his way, and Jamaros finished charging his Lone Wolf Bite, launching an earth-shattering 1,600 ki directly at Sagi-Shi... which missed completely.

Seeing what Jamaros had intended, Tnsumi mimicked him, charging his Reokun Ki, while Conch powered up. Seeing what was coming, Sagi-Shi could be seen shimmering, likely setting his own Deflection up. In response Jamaros punched, but failed to connect. Behind the alien, Vulcan activated his own Kaio Ken x5, while Tnsumi's charging finished and a slightly less earth-shattering 1,400 ki attack struck Sagi-Shi. As expected his Deflection wore it, but additionally a small portion of it reflected back on Tnsumi, before ricocheting harmlessly into the sky above off his own Deflection. Becoming impatient, Sagi-Shi turned around and launched another Blast of Fury at Vulcan, but it went wide. Jamaros reacted with another incredible Lone Wolf Bite into Sagi-Shi's exposed back, but the shimmering Deflection was still in place, reflecting most of the attack's ki back into Jamaros's face and sending him reeling backwards. Vulcan tried to twist behind Sagi-Shi and strike again from behind but failed as Sagi-Shi caught on to him, while Jamaros rocketed back and punched Sagi-Shi in the back of the head.

Tnsumi powered up everything he had left, while Conch used his new Multiform technique, two identical Conch's appearing to assist in the battle beside him. Suddenly two more of Sagi-Shi's henchmen arrived to assist their leader. Jamaros struck Sagi-Shi, who Tnsumi had curiously named "Soggy Sheets" by this point, while Vulcan prepared to assist everyone with the defense of his blade. The henchmen both launched sizable ki blasts, one at Tnsumi, and one at Vulcan, but their standing Deflections sent both attacks back on the thugs, and they were immediately reduced to ashes like Kastley before them. Seeing the unnecessary loss of life, Tnsumi tried to reason with Sagi-Shi to stop the fight, but without success. Conch and his multiforms struck with their blades and two were able to connect, bringing Sagi-Shi dangerously low on both energy and stamina. Finally seeing he was outmatched, Sagi-Shi launched into the air at Mach Seven, fleeing the group with his prized Dragon Radar.

As the locals saw the alien flee, they cheered and happily gave up their 1,200 zeni winnings for Vulcan. The damage from the fight was thankfully largely contained due to the quick thinking of Bulma, who had deployed an energy field that contained any stray energy blasts. Tnsumi asked the heroes to help the wounded with any senzu beans they might have, causing further suspicion from Jamaros as to how the Saiyan might know about the magical beans. Nonetheless, he and Conch both gave theirs to Bulma and Dr. Briefs. Kukem, finished tending to the others, explained to the group in general terms where he and Tnsumi had come from and what was going on with Frieza's inquiry about the battle on Sparta. He tasked Tnsumi with staying with the heroes while he departed to file a report. Tnsumi was less than amused as he asked his cousin to grab a new suit of armor for him, as all he heard in his Scouter in response was "Can't hear you 'kay-thanks-byeee!"

For assisting Bulma and Dr. Briefs, Jamaros and Conch were both given 1,000 zeni. Inquiring about any possible armor, Bulma presented three sets of Capsule Corp Armor that Tnsumi, Conch, and Vulcan all equipped. Vulcan additionally slipped the broken capsules he had, and one new senzu bean, to Jamaros, whispering something that only the Earth-born Saiyan could hear. Jamaros nodded and gave the capsules to Bulma to possibly fix for them, and Tnsumi was relieved to hear that Capsule Corp had developed Healing Tanks, limping his way towards the building to recover from his injuries while a sense of increased strength was already surging within him.