Dragonball ZT RPG

Battle for the 4-Star Ball

Last time on Dragonball ZT, with the help of Bulma's prototype Dragon Radar, the heroes were able to track down a Dragonball in the mountains south of West City. Hiding within an underground temple complex, they needed to delve through multiple chambers and tests of wisdom and strength. As they made their way through the temple depths, they were rewarded with the 4-Star Dragonball for the fruits of their labor. 4-Star in hand, they departed the temple and their new Saiyan companion, Tnsumi, detected multiple wicked powers emanating from West City.

Upon returning, they discovered West City in ruins, under siege from Sagi-Shi's henchmen. Amidst the spreading fires, the heroes initially split up to deal with the thugs, and in no time half of them were defeated. However, before they could learn anything valuable from the remaining henchmen, the heroes were interrupted by a group of five much stronger, and clearly more dangerous foes. With no time to rest, the heroes were now faced with an even greater challenge, and this time no one was coming to save them...

Episode Summary
All around West City, fires were burning as the citizens took cover from the mass destruction. In the dying light of the day, the fires illuminated the city with ferocious intensity, and the air shimmered due to the incredible heat.

Above the fighters, on top of the monorail station, five fighters stared down at the heroes. Kaen, a Human male; Mizu, a female Fox; Jimen, a Namekian; Hyo, a female Human; and Mokuzai, a male silverback Gorilla. "Impressive work for a bunch of uncoordinated fighters, but I think it's time you hand over that Dragonball," Mokuzai stated, chuckling. The heroes were resolute in their refusal, so the Gorilla turned to his allies in response, "Mizu, head back to Sagi-Shi and inform him of our situation. Tell him we will have the Dragonball shortly."

Mizu nodded, "Of course, Sir," and rocketed off into the sky, disappearing into the evening.

"Now, you can either give us the Dragonball or we can take it from you. It's your choice." Mokuzai exclaimed, narrowing his eyes at the group. Conch's response of powering up further was clear: they would have to take it from their cold, dead hands.

Vulcan, much to no one's surprise, started off by running around the back of the monorail building, attempting to feign running away. Jimen, meanwhile, flew down to Jamaros and grabbed him from behind, while Kaen launched a Flame Tornado at Tnsumi, who's combination of personal and armor Deflections were able to reflect some of the blast back at Kaen before being bounced into the atmosphere to dissipate. Conch responded to the Jimen grabbing Jamaros by punching the Namekian in the back of the head, while Jamaros struggled unsuccessfully to break free. Seeing Conch attack Jimen, Hyo fired a quick Frost Blast at him from the roof, though it too reflected and bounced harmlessly away. Mokuzai leapt down from the building and punched Jamaros squarely in the face, while Tnsumi, still enraged from earlier, powered up explosively. Grinning from the punch to his face, Jamaros opened his mouth and let out a powerful Lone Wolf Bite, burning Mokzai's face in return. Trying to keep the pressure on Jamaros, Hyo again fired a Frost Blast at Conch, this time more than strong enough to penetrate his armour Deflection, freezing him and temporarily knocking him out. Tnsumi, increasing his speed to Mach One, flew up behind Kaen and launched a golden Reokun Ki beam, only barely missing the man. During all this, Vulcan continued to run around the building to little effect.

Surprising many people, Vulcan suddenly returned at the sight of his friend being knocked down, pulling out his cat Luna and throwing it at Jimen; unfortunately Jimen was able to rotate just enough that the claw-laden feline landed on Jamaros's head. Jimen continued to hold tightly onto Jamaros, while Kaen laughed at Tnsumi above, responding with a powerful Flame Tornado to the Saiyan's chest and launching him half a kilometer into the air. As Conch awoke from his daze, his began to power up once again, while Jamaros entered a Saiyan Rage of his own. "Let GOOOOOOO!!!" he screamed, the last syllable forming another explosive Lone Wolf Bite that once again burned deep into Mokuzai's face. Seeing the danger posed by Jamaros, Hyo used a reckless Frost Blast, considerably damaging Jamaros and freezing both him and Jimen in the process. Mokuzai, himself enraged, used his Wooden Hammer technique to slam Jamaros - and by extension, Jimen - into the ground like wooden pegs with his fists, knocking Jimen unconscious. Vulcan entered his own rage in response, attempting to cut off Mokuzai's arm but missing, then turning to the unconscious Jimen and slashing the helpless warrior to pieces. He took the Namekian's severed head, the ring on his finger, and 100 zeni that had been in his pockets.

As Tnsumi flew backwards from the fight, something inside of him snapped and he finally had enough. His rage overcame him with a mighty scream and an overpowering explosion of ki. Tnsumi's hair spiked upwards and shifted to a sharp golden hue, his eyes changed to a cool aqua, and his aura was firey and golden; the first Super Saiyan in a millennium was born! Illuminated in his golden ki, and with a Power Level surging beyond one million, Tnsumi's fury was clear as he increased his speed to Mach Two and launched back towards Kaen. Tnsumi fired a massive Reokun Ki at the man who again just barely avoided the blast, which instead reduced a nearby building complex to rubble. Before Kaen could react any further, Tnsumi grabbed him by the shoulder, leaned him forward, and with his right hand pressed against the man's chest repreated his energy blast a second time. All that remained of Kaen was the arm Tnsumi was holding, a ring glimmering on the hand. Without missing a beat he sped behind Hyo and repeated his attack a third time, but Hyo was able to barely react in time with a Frost Blast counterblast, knocking Tnsumi back another kilometer into the air.

As Vulcan's rage subsided with his blade's thirst quenched, he reflected on his actions. Conch tried to convince Mokuzai and Hyo to stop, but when they refused he cut into Mokuzai with a massive Kaizer Blade. Jamaros could only look on as he remained frozen in place, while Hyo attacked Tnsumi a second time, freezing him midair with her Frost Blast. Mokuzai, furious at what Conch did to him, punched him squarely in the face, knocking the Namekian briefly unconscious yet again, while Tnsumi fell through the air frozen and seething.

At this point, Vulcan noticed that all the enemy combatants had rings similar to the one he had found, and chose to attempt to get Mokuzai to give him his with Mental Control. While Mokuzai didn't completely comply, he did raise his hand up long enough for Vulcan to slash down quickly, severing it at the wrist and claiming the ring for his own. Conch awoke and once again powered up, while Jamaros, finally free, uppercut Mokuzai with incredible strength, causing the gorilla to gasp for air. He yelled at Hyo to leave while she still could, and the female fighter quickly disappeared before anyone could take chase, then Mokuzai grabbed Vulcan with his good hand and slammed him into the ground, followed by a wet punch with his stump, causing another small crater. Tnsumi, finally free himself, sped up to Mach Four and flew directly at Mokuzai, narrowly missing.

Tnsumi was able to land nearby and spring back, grabbing Mokuzai by the head and driving him into the ground, dragging him along for several meters. Vulcan attempted to finish the gorilla off and aimed a slash of his longsword at Mokuzai's head, but Tnsumi suddenly reached up and stopped the blade, catching it with one hand as he held the gorilla down. Conch demanded that Mokuzai stop, but the gorilla was having nothing of it and would rather die, so Conch powered up with his Kaio Ken technique. Before he could do anything, however, Jamaros approached and asked if Mokuzai was ready to die. Before the gorilla could answer, Jamaros pulled back his foot and kicked with everything he had directly to the gorilla's jaw, exploding his head into a pink mist.

As the dust settled from the force of Jamaros's kick, Tnsumi turned to push at the other Saiyan, growling, "We could have used him to find out where Sagi-Shi is!" Jamaros stepped back slightly and avoided contact, glaring back at the Super Saiyan in return, but before he could do anything a green figure in a white robe descended to the ground.

Jamaros and Tnsumi both instantly identified him as Piccolo, each for their own reasons, while the Namekian muttered aloud as he eyed Conch, "I knew Kami would find another Namekian to pass his teachings to." Conch was confused as to how Piccolo knew Kami, but before he could dig deeper, Piccolo looked around at the destruction and exclaimed, "Who caused all of this, and where is Jimen?"

Tnsumi, his Saiyan Rage subsided, but still glowing with his golden aura, responded, "Sagi-Shi's men attacked the city, and we responded. Unfortunately, there was some... collateral damage... but who's Jimen?"

"My son." Piccolo stated matter-of-factly, which surprised Tnsumi. He turned and pointed to the Namekian body in one of the craters nearby. "Who. Killed. Him." Piccolo growled, picking up the remains of his son.

Jamaros interjected at this point, "He fought us, but he did so bravely and with great resolve. He never backed down even at the end." Piccolo nodded to his rival, and without saying another word turned and departed back into the night sky. As Tnsumi wondered aloud how Piccolo had a son, his aura finally faded, his hair and eyes returning to their normal color, and the heroes made their way back to determine the extent of the damage to Capsule Corp.