Dragonball ZT RPG

The 1-Star Screw Over

Last time on Dragonball ZT, the heroes squared off against Sagi-Shi's elite fighters as West City burned around them. Refusing to give up the 4-Star Dragonball, they were taken aback by how coordinated the fighters were, and Jamaros quickly found himself in a bind. As Vulcan and Conch worked to assist Jamaros, Tnsumi took it upon himself to launch at the remaining enemies on the roof of the monorail station, but was himself launched into the sky by powerful magic attacks generated by the Power Rings each fighter wore.

Suddenly Tnsumi erupted into an explosion of energy, his hair golden and his eyes blue, furious and seeking vengeance. The first Super Saiyan in a millenium was born, and in no time his immense power put the elite fighters off balance, killing Kaen outright. While the enemy was distracted by what was happening above, Vulcan was able to slay Jimen, and even Mokuzai could not stand against the combined might of the heroes. Only Hyo was able to escape with her life, and the warning she was bringing back to Sagi-Shi was a dire one. With only one Dragonball left to be found, he would be more determined than ever now to reach it before the heroes could discover it's location.

Episode Summary
It had been a week and a half since the attack on West City by the Elemental Fighters. Though the heroes were ultimately able to stop the rampaging attackers, it was at great cost. West City was mostly in ruins and the city had gone into recovery mode, rebuilding from the catastrophe. Capsule Corp had opened its doors to those in need and the atrium, though damaged, now housed the citizens of West City that were left homeless in the battle. The people of West City, though grateful that they were saved, now feared for their safety: When would the next fighters with immense power come knocking again?

The mid-day sun shone through the atrium dome, the normally clear view now obscured by cracks and repairs in the dome from the chaos of the previous week. Tents and makeshift neighbourhoods had been erected across the once lush green grass and people milled about, a little dirty and weary. Though Bulma's family had been able to offer most of the essentials, these people were still homeless, frightened and unhappy. They had lost most of their personal belongings and possibly some loved ones.

Bulma had now moved into a workshop just off the atrium in order to continue her work on the new Dragon Radar machine. In the workshop there were many parts for machines, vehicles and other strange odds and ends that looked like they were pulled right out of a Sci-Fi movie. In the corner, a large humanoid machine sat in pieces, abandoned years ago for some other project. In the back of the workshop, a very large pod-like machine that was similar to Tnsumi's Globeship looked to be under construction.

Bulma was hunched over her workbench, parts of her larger Dragon Radar machine replicated into smaller pieces. The larger version, still only able to locate a nearby Dragonball occasionally would scan across large distances. The smaller Dragon Radar still seemed only half completed. Bulma looked up from her work and wiped her brow, leaving a small smudge of dielectric grease. "I think I am making good progress here. I found some of my blueprints and was able to get the smaller parts working. I remember why I left the old prototype only half finished, now." She flipped through her notes and pointed to a diagram of lines and numbers, "This circuit board was where I figured out how to get it to scan over really large distances coupled with GPS and weather satellite networks that they have set up in orbit. By using all available arrays..." Bulma trailed off, noticing eventually that the heroes didn't really understand what she was talking about. "To make a long story short, I decided to go right to the compact version instead of wasting time making a larger version for the old machine. Now, I am gonna just ruff up a big circuit and jerry rig it to the large radar for the time being. For now, though, I located another ball on an island in the south-eastern ocean."

"That's out where Master Roshi lives," Tnsumi mused, recalling that Kame House was in that part of the world.

Jamaros and Conch both knew of Master Roshi, having seen him in the Tenkaichi Budokai as Jackie Chun, and during the Red Ribbon escapades years prior. "I'd like Freya to stay behind, and I think you should too, Bulma," Jamaros responded.

"I have no intention of ever going near that old letcher again any time soon," Bulma nodded, recalling her adventures to gather the Dragonballs. "You guys should get moving. If we have located it, there is a really good chance that Sagi-Shi has done the same. I am so close to getting this new Dragon Radar finished... I'll work on this while you are away. I should be able to get the big one up and running by the end of the day!"

"The ocean's a pretty big place, and there's a good chance it won't actually be on an island itself," Tnsumi stated, continuing, "Bulma, if we synchronize my Scouter with your own comms, then could you track us with Conch's 4-Star Dragonball using the Dragon Radar here? That way we'll at least know once we're over top of the other ball."

Jamaros chimed in, "If the Dragonball is underwater, we'll likely need something to go down deep enough and find it. Do you have anything that could help?"

"Great idea! And I have this capsule here which should help; it's a submarine that you can use!" Bulma exclaimed, handing the capsule to Conch.

While this was going on inside the workbench, Vulcan had been outside up to his own ill will. Several of the homeless men had gathered around him, and he had given out 100 zeni each to two of them to follow him, then immediately set them on a third in a battle for his amusement. The third homeless man fought for his life and knocked the first out, nearly killing him, and the second man attacked in response, injuring the third. While Vulcan quietly gathered the 100 zeni back from the unconscious man, the third struck again, this time killing his opponent. Vulcan gathered the remaining 100 zeni and gave the combined amount to this third man, identified as Bubba. He additionally handed him his Hand Axe and a Senzu Bean.

Exiting the workshop, Tnsumi, Jamaros, and Conch were appalled to find Vulcan setting up Bum Fights, and Jamaros gave Tnsumi his last Senzu Bean to heal the unconscious man. Jamaros stepped slowly toward Bubba, stating plainly, "Please know that if you step out of turn or betray us, you will be back here with less than you started with." Bubba could only nod vigorously while the others shook their heads in dismay. Eventually the group all departed for Kame House at Mach Four, while Vulcan carried Bubba along for the ride on his back.

The south-eastern ocean had many islands spread out in the warm ocean water. Some were just small plots of land, hardly large enough for a bunch of trees; some were much larger and could hold a whole town. According to a printout Bulma gave to Tnsumi, the 1-Star Dragonball should have been located on an island that appeared large enough for a modest home. Knowing the area, Tnsumi led everyone directly there, arriving after an hour and a half of flying to a small pink home built on the small island. There was enough land to have a nice beach, with a beautiful palm tree and a patch of healthy grass off to the side of the home. Normally, the house and surrounding land would be in good shape, but they found the home trashed and the yard a mess.

The house was in shambles, with the windows blown out, the door lying in the front yard and a hole through the top of the roof. There were burn marks around the yard and on the pink siding of the home. There was also torn up ground and a large trough ripped through the lawn. Tnsumi scanned the area for any signs of life, but nothing came up on his Scouter, while he and Vulcan entered the building. Inside was a mess as well. The furniture was either flipped over or broken, the walls had burn marks and holes in them, and the floor was torn up. There appeared to be nothing that wasn't damaged or outright destroyed in the house. The stair to the second floor seemed to be in questionable condition. Tnsumi noticed there appeared to be stuff in the rubble of the house; specifically some badly burned magazines with women in them, where all the good parts appeared to be affected by burn marks somehow. Additionally there was a small box buried under a lot of wall rubble. It appeared to be locked with a small 2-digit combination lock. As Jamaros entered the building, Vulcan ordered Bubba to open the chest while he set to work on repairing the stairs with the wood from Vanforte's cabin. Unfortunately Bubba wasn't able to do anything to it, but some quick thinking on Jamaros' part - testing the lock with the number 69 - revealed 500 zeni, a pristine copy of a Playboy magazine, and some red sunglasses.

"Anything outside?" Tnsumi yelled out to Conch, who noticed that the trough appeared to point towards the north, and it looked as if whatever made the trough was dragged off that way. Tnsumi confirmed with Bulma that the Dragonball was indeed to their north, and Tnsumi asked Conch to start making his way through the water. Bulma again confirmed that the 4-Star Dragonball was now heading in the right direction, but that it was still quite a ways out. Tnsumi linked up with Conch so they could continue tracking, and Jamaros followed, giving Tnsumi the box in case he had to enter the water. The three of them departed north, leaving Vulcan behind in the house working on the stairs.

Vulcan, finished with the stairs, checked the second floor to find it also completely trashed. There were piles of rubble everywhere, and nothing seemed to be intact at all, although he did manage to find 100 zeni. As he reached the bedroom, he was additionally able to gather some clothes to give to Bubba, but suddenly a creature pounced from the rubble. Vulcan used his Mental Control to initially convince the creature to go back to sleep, then to join him as a new pet which he named Rufus.

Just as Vulcan was leaving Kame House, zeni in hand with Bubba and Rufus in tow, two sirens could be heard warbling through the air as two police craft appeared racing to the house. The red and blue lights flickered as they set down on the wrecked beach, and two older dog-men jumped out of the police cruisers and placed their hands on their weapons. "No one move! Just stay nice and calm and put your hands in the air," the first cop barked.

"Hal, it doesn't look good here. Looks like they used a flamethrower on the joint after they trashed it..." the second cop responded. Vulcan, caught off guard, tried to stammer his way through, but the money being held in his hand didn't help.

"Frank, this guy's robbing the joint. Where's the turtle and the old man that live here?" Vulcan chose this moment to use Mental Control again, getting Hal to raise his pistol at Frank's face.

By this point, Tnsumi had picked up more life signs on his Scouter back at Kame House, and told Jamaros as much. When Jamaros asked why it mattered, Tnsumi responded, "Well unless we want to add even more murders to the list of things this group has already accomplished today, it's going to matter." Jamaros sighed in agreement and the two raced back to sort out whatever Vulcan was doing while Conch activated his submarine capsule and continued pushing forward to the north.

"Let me go, and I won't make him shoot you," Vulcan directed, as Frank tried to understand what was happening. Unhappy with the response, Vulcan made Hal fire, shooting Frank in the shoulder. Tnsumi and Jamaros arrived shortly after and Tnsumi was able to stop the bleeding, gathering a first aid kit from one of the vehicles while Jamaros did what he could to diffuse the situation. The cops still managed to call in support as Jamaros grabbed Vulcan, but Vulcan used his Mental Control yet again, causing Jamaros to let go. Jamaros, very much unamused, convinced Vulcan to leave with them, while Tnsumi grabbed Rufus and Bubba and left the cops behind. He also asked Bulma to make sure when the inevitable arrest warrant came out for Vulcan that she do what she could to erase it from the police's systems.

A large, oval shaped remote island lay north of Kame House, being slightly longer than it was wide. On the eastern half of the island there were rocky cliffs and a small mountain that looked like a large blade, stabbing the sky from the ocean waves. The western side of the island had a small overgrown jungle and lake. The middle of the island was mostly open aside from a few rocks and shrubs. As the heroes arrived, Conch noticed that several figures were on the island, and appeared to be standing around a downed figure.

There were four men and two women, standing over a fallen old man who could be identified as Master Roshi, bloodied and beaten. There appeared to be scorch marks around and on the body. A large turtle shell and a burnt stick laid on the ground about 200 meters away, and at the edge of the jungle, there appeared to be the carcass of a large sea turtle. Wiping her brow, Mizu noted, "That old man put up a bit of a fight."

Hyo agreed, "He seemed strong. He probably would have been much more of a problem had he been younger." Hyo turned to one of the men and spoke again, "Fetch me the turtle shells. They will make nice souvenirs." As he noticed the heroes approach, he shouted, "You're too late! The old man is dead." Tnsumi's scouter confirmed that Master Roshi was in fact no longer alive, and a rage began to swell within him. "You may have beaten us once before," Hyo continued, "but you won't be able to stop us. Just give us the Dragonball you have, and we'll be on our way. No one else needs to die."

Saiyan Rage fueling him, Tnsumi launched near Mach speed towards the first thug with a Triple Uppercut, just barely missing, but Conch followed up with his own Throat Punch, sending the first thug flying back. Jamaros activated his Kaio Ken x5 and took off his weighted clothing, and the second thug attacked Conch for striking. Vulcan used his new Aviary Strike on the first thug, cutting him down further, while the third thug blasted at Jamaros, who simply shrugged it off. The fourth thug gave Vulcan a haymaker to the face, but the bird man was relatively unphased. Tnsumi attempted to cut all four of the thugs down with a four-pronged Reokun Ki, but all four of them were able to evade. Jamaros, in response to the thug that struck him, used his Lone Wolf Bite, and even the Deflection provided by the thug's armour wasn't enough to keep him alive. The fourth thug similarly blasted Jamaros in response, but shot wide and nearly struck Bubba until Vulcan stepped in to take the strike instead. Jamaros was not impressed and used his Ground Power Ring's Smash Quaker in response, killing the man.

Tnsumi struck again with a Triple Uppercut, this time targeting the second thug and leaving him hanging on to life by a thread. Conch again followed up from Tnsumi with another Throat Punch, ripping through the second thug and ending his life. Satisfied, Jamaros next set his sights on Hyo and blasted her with a large amount of ki, but his Lone Wolf Bite fully reflected back and struck him in the face instead! The first thug regained his composure and fired a large energy blast at Tnsumi, who simply took it fully on, while Hyo launched a Frost Blast at Conch, freezing him solid. Vulcan jumped on Rufus and used him as a mount, skewering the first thug dead with his longsword while Mizu tackled Conch to the ground. Vulcan attempted to turn Rufus around and ram Mizu, but just barely missed.

The rage continued to swell within Tnsumi and he transformed once again into a Super Saiyan, powering up even further to demonstrate his overwhelming power. Conch thawed out on top of Mizu, while Jamaros used his Wood Power Ring's Wooden Hammer to strike Hyo; however, distracted by Tnsumi's golden transformation Hyo stepped back, and Jamaros's swing went wide, infuriating him. Hyo attempted to use her Frost Blast on Tnsumi with an immense amount of ki, but the Super Saiyan shimmered as the blast seemingly went through him, evading with ease. Vulcan used his Aviary Strike on Mizu to weaken her while she was on the ground, who in turn flipped Conch's melting body off of her. Tnsumi followed up with a massive Triple Uppercut to Hyo's chin, knocking her to the ground. Vulcan then tried to persuade Mizu to switch sides, but she responded with a Hydro Kick to Vulcan's face - the bird was not happy and spit a thick wad of mucus on her shoe as he fell backwards.

Tnsumi generated an incredibly large Reokun Ki aimed at Mizu which shredded her Deflection and still scorched her, sending her to the ground next to Hyo. Conch took this opportunity to power up, while Jamaros's own Saiyan Rage from being ignored by the enemy gave him extra strength for his Wooden Hammer to strike Hyo, although he missed once again and this time hit Mizu by mistake. Hyo helped Mizu up, while Vulcan used his Mental Control to stop Mizu in her tracks, standing next to him. With Mizu distracted, Conch was able to launch a deadly Kaizer Blade at Hyo, who's own Deflection was burned away. Jamaros screamed, "Challenge Me!!!" as he used his Wooden Hammer a third time, finally striking Hyo and bringing her to her knees, which made her begin to glow. Vulcan, still keeping Mizu still, buttstroked her with his longsword's hilt, and while it connected, it wasn't enough to knock her out. In response Mizu's eyes glowed, her hands came together, and after telling Hyo to run she screamed, "Thunderclap Smash Power Rain Attack!" causing a huge explosion that only Tnsumi was able to avoid. Conch's armor was destroyed in absorbing the blast, while Jamaros and Vulcan both took a nasty beating from the attack, and it gave Hyo enough time to get away from the battle alive. Jamaros, furious that Hyo escaped yet again, launched an explosive Lone Wolf Bite at Mizu, and while Vulcan tried to jump in the way and stop Jamaros from killing her, Bubba tried to be heroic as well, knocking Vulcan out of the way and becoming vaporized in the blast. Mizu was killed and charred, her Water Power Ring destroyed as well, while the mountain on the other side of the island exploded from impact. Conch chuckled, "She was a real drink of water."

Vulcan, himself furious that Bubba and Mizu were both killed and not added to his collection of property, used Mental Control to make Jamaros stand still, and brought his longsword up to add a scar to the Saiyan's face. Tnsumi appeared in front of Vulcan, again grabbing the man's longsword, and warned him deftly, "Stop. Now." Vulcan attempted to resist, and Tnsumi used a quick Ki Force blast, knocking Vulcan back while Tnsumi held on to the weapon. Vulcan picked up a stick, appearing eager to continue, while Jamaros motioned for Tnsumi to give him the longsword. Tnsumi obliged, and Jamaros gave the weapon back to Vulcan, warning him to stop before they got serious. Vulcan threw his sword into the sand beside him and flew away, fuming.

Tnsumi finally powered down out of his Super Saiyan transformation and the remaining heroes took stock of the situation. Standing on the battlefield of the island, the bodies of the deceased old man, dead turtle and the fallen henchmen littered the open fields. The sun was just starting to set when Tnsumi got an alert on his Scouter, his cousin's voice chiming in clearly, "Peezer? Peezer, come in!"

"I told you to stop that, dammit, it's Tnsumi!" Tnsumi growled.

"Whatever, we have an issue here! But first, what the heck happened on Earth a few weeks ago?! There are reports saying a Power Level of a million appeared there briefly!"

Tnsumi stammered, "Yeah... I kinda did a thing..."

Kukem's voice darkened, "That's not good... anyways, that's not the reason I'm calling. I was sent out to Arlia to take the planet with a few other Saiyans, but they have begun to go rogue after getting here. I don't want Frieza getting this close to Earth and the Dragonballs, so you guys gotta come help me put these guys down. I can't handle them alone!"

"We have our own problem here with the Dragonballs, cuz. Sagi-Shi's almost gotten all of them!"

"Just get here as soon as you can. I don't know how much longer I can hold off before I must make a move. I'll report back when I know more." The Scouter went silent, and Tnsumi relayed the information to the rest of the group. Conch realized that if they could take the 4-Star Dragonball with them, Sagi-Shi would be unable to make a wish, though it would risk being even easier for Frieza to find out about them. Tnsumi did reveal that if the creater of the Dragonballs were ever to die, that the Dragonballs would cease to function, and that there were Dragonballs on other planets if that were to happen. Jamaros also rightfully pointed out Tnsumi's hypocrisy of doing what needed to be done to blend in by grouping up with Frieza and his band of space pirates, which he did not take very well.

After returning Master Roshi, Turtle, and the small box to Kame House and burying them all, the heroes made their way back towards West City and Capsule Corp to determine their next move.