Dragonball ZT RPG

Showdown on the Lookout

Last time on Dragonball ZT, the heroes were able to discover the location of a second Dragonball at Kame House. They raced to the location but were too late, signs of battle scattered all across the small island. Utilizing clues left behind in the struggle, the team pushed further north to an uninhabited island where Mizu, Hyo, and a group of thugs stood defiantly over the slain Master Roshi and Turtle. The heroes attacked with no mercy for Sagi-Shi's henchmen; Master Roshi's death in particular enraged Tnsumi, once again transforming him into a Super Saiyan to deal with the threat.

Hyo was barely able to escape with her life while Mizu held the heroes off before she was killed by Jamaros, collateral damage killing a newfound friend of Vulcan's in the process. Not long after Vulcan's fuming departure, Tnsumi's scouter pinged him, with news from Kukem about an invasion of Arlia gone awry. The heroes would need to make their way to the planet as soon as they could before Frieza and his men decide to intervene themselves.

With multiple situations unfolding, the heroes need to make a plan of action to deal with Sagi-Shi and the Arlian threat, and soon!

Episode Summary
After the fight with Hyo and Mizu, the heroes returned to Capsule Corp to relay what they had learned to Bulma. Unknown to them, Sagi-Shi had begun the last phase of his plan: bringing the Chalice of Dengen to him so that he may overthrow his planet's government and rule all Katei.

It was early morning and the sun had yet to rise over the horizon. Capsule Corp's atrium was still filled with the refugees from the city during the construction. Very little sound could be heard in the early morning twilight. It had been about a day since the last encounter with Sagi-Shi's henchmen, giving the heroes just enough time to rest, and for Tnsumi to find a new set of armor. The heroes were sleeping in small futons on the lawn of the atrium under the early morning stars.

Without a fully working Dragon Radar, the heroes were running out of time to find the remaining Dragonballs. While they tried to come up with their next course of action, a distant but familiar voice spoke to them. "Conch... Conch, can you hear me? It's Kami." Conch was initially confused, while Kami continued, "Sagi-Shi has taken over the Lookout. He's been here for the last week. It's been chaos up here with his men." As Conch gathered his wits, Kami finished, "His men have been keeping us heavily sedated, but they seem to have missed my last shot. Please, come help us! Oh no, I think they have figured it out... please hurry!"

As Conch relayed what Kami had said to him, Bulma came out to where they were resting, holding coffee. She bent down and pet Jamaros' wolf and slipped him a large leg bone, then set the coffee pot on a table that was setup by the campsite. "What's going on?" she asked, noticing that the group was stirring. "Hmm, that doesn't sound good," she responded as Tnsumi filled her in. "Why would Sagi-Shi be at the Lookout? It's not like he has all the Dragonballs. Oh, speaking of Dragonballs..." Bulma dug a device out of her pocket and handed it to Tnsumi, continuing, "I finally completed another Dragon Radar! It should tell us if he is missing any other than the one you guys have."

As she turned it on to demonstrate, it blinked to life, indicating seven Dragonballs collected together to the west. Confused, Tnsumi asked Conch to show Bulma the Dragonball he had in his possession. "That's weird!" Bulma exclaimed. "When we used this to calibrate the machine, it picked it up just fine! Someone must have switched it on you somehow..." Bulma dropped the ball on the rocky ground, causing it to shatter. "Huh, yeah, the real Dragonballs don't break."

"Once again I've been had," Conch muttered, while Tnsumi and Jamaros agreed that they needed to get to Kami's Lookout sooner than later. Asking Bulma to let Vulcan know where they were going if he showed up, the group then powered up and departed into the morning sky. Racing towards Kami's Lookout, the sun began to rise behind them, bathing the world in a golden orange glow. The sky, clear of all clouds rapidly brightened, as Korin's Tower appeared on the horizon. As the sun rose in the east the heroes could see the lookout far above the tower. The group stopped at the tower briefly, where Korin and Yajirobe gathered five Senzu Beans and handed them to Tnsumi before they took off just as quickly, speeding high above.

"We are being held in my chambers," Kami's voice came to Conch again. "There are two guards blocking the doors. If you use the rear entrance to the temple, you may be able to avoid any unnecessary fighting and keep the element of surprise." Arriving above the lookout to maintain an element of surprise, they could see that it seemed open and deserted. The early morning sun cast long blue shadows from the trees lining the courtyard in the amber light. The large open deck was mostly uninhabited at the moment, with a single guard pacing by the entrance to the temple. Around the back, there was a small ladder that led partway down the bowl to what looked like an opening just below the temple. The group flew down and Tnsumi noticed the door was locked, but had a mat on the floor in front of the door. When he reached under it, he discovered a key which opened the door without issue.

Inside was a large open room, with several columns supporting the floor above. Along the walls were iron light fixtures. Somehow, the lights cast a decent amount of light through the entire room even though there didn't appear to be electricity supplying the lookout. Along the opposite wall, there were murals depicting events from Earth's past, depicting civilization through the last few hundred years. The pictured switched from one scene to the next, live motion pictures playing out on a painted canvas. There were intricate carvings on the columns that decorated the room, seemingly alien in nature. At the far end of the room there appeared to be a set of metal stairs that led up and a door beside the stairs. The door was locked, with "Authorized Personnel Only" labelled above it.

Conch noticed that on one of the murals, a baby Saiyan could be seen crawling out of a spaceship alongside another baby. The other baby attacked a curious older man who had stumbled upon the crashed pod. The mural swirled and changed, showing the older man shooting the feral baby and turning his weapon on the other Saiyan baby. A lone wolf cub jumped out of the forest and scared off the old man, then carried the baby back into the forest.

While the rest of the group were inside, Vulcan arrived to the main entrance of the lookout, surprising a guard when he said he was looking for a job. While the guard was skeptical, the various bones and several body parts in Vulcan's possession convinced him to bring him to his boss. He was brought to Tokugawa, an ominous figure in dark armor with a large katana, and Vulcan convinced him that he wanted to help.

The heroes, meanwhile, made their way up the staircase, which opened to a long hallway with a few rooms on either side. The same iron light fixtures cast light into the hallway. Halfway down the hallway, it appeared that it opened into a large open room, and then the hallway continued on the other side. Three doors down, a golden door was visible on the right. The other three doors were all brown in color, making four doors total. Tnsumi mused aloud which room Kami was likely in, then remembered he could just read Kami's Power Level to be certain, pointing everyone towards the golden door.

Behind the golden door was a large bedroom, modestly furnished with a large bed, chair and table. There were two lamps in the room and a large woven rug on the white marble floor. A small table sat near the door with a wireless radio on it. The room was open and airy, the sunlight streaming in from the now rising sun through the large window at the back of the room, giving a good view down over the world. It had a warm and comfortable feeling to it. Paintings from around the world hung on the walls depicting all sorts of art from all sorts of ethnicities.

Kami was tied up, gagged and sitting in the far corner. His walking stick was lying on the bed. A lone guard was sitting in the large armchair reading some magazines. As the group came through the door, he jumped to his feet, exclaiming, "Hey, who the hell are you!?" and started moving towards the radio to call for backup.

Conch was quick to react, telling the guard that they were the new guys on duty. The guard hesitated, while Tnsumi reinforced the idea that they were new to the job, and he should have heard it over the radio by now. The ploy worked and the guard was distracted long enough for Jamaros to punch him hard, while Conch and Tnsumi both followed up with a Fury Sweep to knock him off his feet, and a Fury Kick to his chest while he was down. The guard stood back up and punched back at Tnsumi, who attempted to block but ended up stepping into the punch. Jamaros, looking directly at Tnsumi stated matter-of-factly, "You sleep now," confusing both Tnsumi and the guard while he punched the guard right in the face, knocking him out.

Conch quickly released Kami from the gag so he could speak. "Conch, thank goodness you came. Sagi-Shi has been here for a week, orchestrating his plan from the Lookout. He has a powerful general here with him as well, a large man in black armor that carries a sword. They beat Mr. Popo badly... I think they have him tied up somewhere else. We must hurry to save him, please untie me!" Conch obliged, and Kami continued as the group moved to the door, "He is planning on using the Dragonballs to travel back home. Quick, to the observation deck! We must hurry and try to stop them!"

On the observation deck, Sagi-Shi, Hyo, two more guards, a bound Mr. Popo, Tokugawa, and Vulcan stood around the seven glowing Dragonballs. They flashed and sparkled, now that the seven of them were all together.

Sagi-Shi recognized the group of fighters behind him. He turned, holding a large two handled cup, studded with strange stones. His henchmen also turned their attention on the group. "It's too late. I have won! With the Chalice of Dengen, I will be able to reclaim my home world!"

"My Lord," Tokugawa responded, "please be careful with the Chalice. Its immense power is far too strong to handle for long periods of time."

"Don't worry about me. I can handle the power, Tokugawa. Stop those meddlesome pests before they ruin everything." Sagi-Shi then turned to the guards and Hyo, "Take care of them."

Jamaros, enraged at yet another betrayal in his life from someone he had grown close to, erupted in a Saiyan Rage and activated his Kaio Ken x5. In response, Vulcan feigned striking Jamaros with a bone, and missed. Conch powered up, while Hyo struck Jamaros with her Frost Blast, striking him before he could react. Tnsumi dropped into a fighting pose with a Deflection raised as the first guard struck at and missed Jamaros, and the second struck at Tnsumi, who successfully blocked. Jamaros, seeing the woman who continued to evade him time and again, used his Wooden Hammer attack, striking her solidly, but Vulcan quickly used Mental Control to convince Jamaros to toss him his sword. Tnsumi powered up, while Jamaros blasted a Lone Wolf Bite at Hyo, hitting her again.

Jamaros erupted another Lone Wolf Bite at Hyo, but she was able to get off a quick Frost Blast that punched through and struck Jamaros with a little remaining energy. Vulcan used Mental Control again on Jamaros, having him use the Wooden Hammer on Hyo once again, while Conch unsuccessfully attempted to grab Hyo. In return, Hyo stepped back and launched a large Frost Blast at Conch, who tried to evade but wasn't fast enough. Kami, however, was and leapt in between, taking a mortal blow and falling to the ground in front of Conch. "Conch, I... I need to talk to you. I am so sorry that I pushed you away all these years. I kept you in the dark about a great many thing; like the Dragonballs, our people and even the little things. I focused on teaching you how to fight, to learn to protect those around you and to control your promising power, but I put these things in front of being a good father figure to you."

Kami coughed up some purple blood before continuing, "I found you in a crashed ship in the north and rescued you, only for my evil half to come and try to deprive me of any connections with our people. He would have rather you died than stayed with me. I pleaded for your life, and he finally conceded and allowed me to keep you, but only if I granted him the power of producing a child of his own. I wanted nothing more than your safety, so I granted him his wish and Piccolo Jr. was made. I vowed to never let you turn evil like Piccolo, so I sheltered you from things I felt might have corrupted you or caused you to sway to the darker side of life. I feared you may develop into something like my darker half, but you did not. You are a wise and pure fighter, and I pushed you away. I thought I needed to shelter you, instead of nurturing you so that you could grow and embrace your full potential.

"I regret not spending time doing things together like a father and son should have. I regret not spending more time learning more about your interests and ideas. These things could have helped me to become a better man. Most of all, I regret not telling you how much you mean to me and how much I love you."

While the heroes were busy with the fighting and Kami's sacrifice, Sagi-Shi began to smile and turned back to summon the dragon. "Eternal Dragon, grant me my wish!" The bright, golden glow from the Dragonballs shimmered and then arced up towards the clouds. High above the Earth, the sky rapidly darkened, becoming blacker than a moonless night. Ethereal lightning began to crack and clouds swirled and billowed.

Above everyone, Shenron, a gigantic green dragon emerged from the clouds. Lightning danced across his scales as his long body coiled in on itself. The dragon had brown antlers, sharp teeth, long flowing whiskers, a long snout, crescent shaped nostrils, flowing green hair on his cheeks and piercing glowing red eyes. He seemed to stretch for kilometers, his body slipping in and out of the dark clouds. When he spoke, his voice pounded against peoples' bodies as if they were standing too close to a concert loudspeaker, "You have woken me from my slumber. State your wish so that I may grant it."

While the dragon was being summoned, Kami took in a deep, shaky breath and coughed more blood. "Conch, I offer to fuse with you. Use my power to help put an end to Sagi-Shi, once and for all. When I disappear, so too will the Dragonballs." Conch nodded in agreement, and took Kami's hand, and Kami's body began to shine and shimmer. Conch felt a rush of hot energy begin to enter his body. As he looked down, Kami looked into his eyes, "Goodbye, my son." In a blinding flash, Kami disappeared, his essence now part of Conch.

Before Sagi-Shi could get his wish out, the dragon flickered and faded away. The dark clouds swirled and evaporated, revealing the early morning sky again. The glowing Dragonballs instantly turned to stone. "WHAT?! NO!!!!!" Sagi-Shi screamed, whipping around and staring at the now powered up Kanch and the other fighters. "What have you morons done?!"

Kanch continued the assault on Hyo with his Kaiser Blade. Vulcan took this opportunity to continue his Mental Control on Jamaros, this time targeting Kanch with a punch; Kanch attempted to block but was too slow. Needing to level the playing field, Tnsumi split a Reokun Ki in two, attacking both thugs simultaneously and striking them both down. Hyo, weakened by Kanch's attack, fired back at him with her Frost Blast; Kanch attempted to counterblast her attack but was not fast enough yet again. Seeing both guards taken out, Tokugawa struck Tnsumi with his mighty katana; Tnsumi's attempts to block were futile and the sword dug in deep and drove him to one knee. Jamaros resumed attacking Hyo, again with his Lone Wolf Bite, and like Kanch she was not fast enough to counter it. Vulcan told Sagi-Shi about his ability to easily use Mental Control on Jamaros, and tried to demonstrate by having Jamaros strike Tnsumi with his Wooden Hammer, but Jamaros was able to resist and instead the Wooden Hammer struck Vulcan directly, even as he desperately tried to parry with his Featherguard. Tnsumi, none too impressed by what Tokugawa did to him, summoned Kukem's own Testie Knock within his Triple Uppercut and connected directly with Tokugawa's crotch, sending him reeling backwards and unable to react.

Kanch again struck Hyo, this time with a powerful Makouhou Beam, critically injuring her. Vulcan told Hyo to take a break, and then attempted to use his Mental Control to make Jamaros fly away, but the stubborn Saiyan resisted. Tnsumi stepped back and began charging a large Reokun Ki blast, while Hyo did indeed take a break, struggling as the after effect from Jamaros's attack burned her within. Tokugawa refused to give Tnsumi any quarter, striking again with his katana in a Flurry Blade; Jamaros attempted to block on Tnsumi's behalf, but was not able to react in time and Tnsumi once again had a bite taken out of him by the blade. Turning to Vulcan, Jamaros used his Wooden Hammer on his former friend, while Kanch's Makouhou Beam burst forth again, collapsing Hyo to one knee. Worried, Vulcan rushed to Hyo and gave her a Senzu Bean, restoring her body and energy, and told Sagi-Shi they needed to leave, but Sagi-Shi would have nothing of it.

Kanch and Vulcan both began powering up, while Tnsumi attempted to grab Hyo but missed. Hyo launched another Frost Blast at Kanch and landed it, this time freezing the Namekian. Sagi-Shi demanded Tokugawa step back, and while his general did so, Sagi-Shi began to power up with a strange glow. Jamaros attempted to interrupt Sagi-Shi with his Wooden Hammer, but it had no effect, while Conch struggled and broke free of his ice prison. Vulcan yelled at Tokugawa to get back into the fight, and once again used his Mental Control on Jamaros, this time having him launch a large energy blast into Tnsumi's backside, injuring him further. Jamaros continued to try and use his Wooden Hammer on Sagi-Shi, but Hyo jumped in the way, taking the full force of the attack to the face and knocking her off the Lookout. The Wooden Hammer attacks continued twice more on Sagi-Shi, but again they had no effect.

While the battle raged above, Vulcan had been unable to find Hyo, and eventually made his way back to the atrium to seek Bulma's help in finding her.

Kanch activated his Kaiser Swords, while Vulcan flew off after Hyo, trying to find her. He could not have timed it better, as Tnsumi knew exactly why Jamaros had struck him, and caused him to erupt in a Saiyan Rage, the rage further fuelling his transformation into Super Saiyan, and he powered up with a mighty roar. Sagi-Shi used his Blast of Fury on Jamaros, who's own rage finally snapped, and Jamaros's hair glew golden with his eyes turning aqua, his own Super Saiyan transformation unlocked. The raw power surging through him caused his attempt to use his Wooden Hammer to swing wide. Tnsumi, meanwhile, launched a massive Reokun Ki at Tokugawa, cutting through the armoured man and dropping him, though not quite dead. Sagi-Shi reacted by beginning to power up a new technique, screaming, "Purifyiiiing..." while Jamaros tried to keep pace with his own, "Loooone..."

Kanch tried to interrupt Sagi-Shi himself with a Makouhou Beam but missed as "Thuuuunderrrr..." could be heard from Sagi-Shi. Tnsumi tried his Reokun Ki, but was also unable to land the attack. Jamaros continued to try and keep up, "Wooolfffff..." but Sagi-Shi finished his attack as he screamed, "STOOORRRRMMM!!!" and a potentially planet-destroying amount of energy burst forth as the Purifying Thunderstom struck at everyone, nearly killing Kanch, while only Jamaros was able to evade the blast; Sagi-Shi even managed to strike himself, much to his own dismay. Tnsumi gave Kanch a Senzu Bean to bring him back into the fight, while Jamaros responded to Sagi-Shi with a huge Lone Wolf Bite.

Revitalized, Kanch powered up, but Sagi-Shi was having enough. Despite the burning sensation from Jamaros's attack, he slammed his Electric Power Ring into the chalice he was holding, causing his Power Level to surge over 200,000. He was still injured, however, so Tnsumi launched a powerful Fury Kick directly into his sternum, slamming Sagi-Shi backwards into the temple and causing part of it to crumble. Jamaros again struck with his Lone Wolf Bite, causing Sagi-Shi to choke up blood, having a hard time standing now. Kanch launched a Makouhou Beam but missed, blowing up more of the temple, and Jamaros tried to engage with his Speed of the Hunt but was ineffective. Tnsumi moved in close himself and used a Triple Uppercut, causing Sagi-Shi to drop the chalice.

Finally, Kanch tried his Makouhou Beam one more time, this time connecting directly with Sagi-Shi and exploding. A small blackened crater was all that remained, with some smouldering boots where Sagi-Shi once stood. The danger was finally over, their former ally-turned-betrayer had finally met justice; Sagi-Shi, aka Vanforte, was dead.

Tokugawa, struggling to stand, picked up the Chalice of Dengen off the ground and spoke to the heroes, "I apologize for all the trouble we have caused. It is clear to me now, that Sagi-Shi never wanted to use the Chalice for honourable reasons. This is too powerful a weapon to be available to my people. Please, take this and lock it away. You're the only ones strong enough to protect it from anyone else who seeks its destructive powers." Tokugawa handed the chalice to Tnsumi before continuing, "I will go back to my home world and surrender myself for my dishonorable conduct here today. My ship is in the forest below. I will praise you as saviors of our people and take my punishment as my people see fit. My people owe you a great debt of gratitude."

Without skipping a beat, Tnsumi pulled out a Senzu Bean and handed it to Tokugawa, "Here, take this. You have proven yourself to be honorable, and as long as you depart for your planet and not return with malice, we have no ill will towards you or your brethren."

Tokugawa ate the bean, then pulled out his katana and handed it to Tnsumi, "Please, I offer you my sword. You show great promise with your abilities. Please, put it to good use." Tnsumi accepted the blade and bowed, as Tokugawa bowed in return and rose into the air. He disappeared over the side of the Lookout towards the forest below. After a moment, his ship could be seen rising beside the Lookout. From the viewport, Tokugawa could be seen saluting the heroes before the ship rocketed off into space.

Standing on the battered Lookout, the heroes looked around. The seven stone orbs lay useless on the observation deck; without Kami, there are no Dragonballs. The morning sun was in full effect now, and for the first time in weeks, there didn't seem to be any immediate threat to the safety of Earth.