Dragonball ZT RPG

Arrival on Planet Namek

It had been nine weeks since the heroes of Earth departed planet Arlia. Kukem, overcome by the death of his cousin, joined the heroes on their spaceship, now laser-focused on reviving Tnsumi with the Namekian Dragonballs.

Vulcan, with Bubba's death still fresh on his mind, was hoping that one of the Dragonball's wishes could be used to revive his downtrodden friend back on planet Earth.

Also seeking out his homeworld's Dragonballs was Kanch, who wanted to bring the humans back to life who were killed during the battles with Sagi-Shi and his henchmen. However Kukem had warned him that this power was beyond the capability of Porunga, the Namekian Dragon. They would need a new set of Dragonballs to be crafted for planet Earth.

The final battle with the Sayians and the losses that followed caused a surge of emotions within Jamaros. The resentment and lack of trust for Tnsumi was replaced with respect and remorse, as well as a desire to prove he valued his word to assist the Chi-Chi-Wah with whom he had felt an unreciprocated kinship. There was now a single focus to find a way to bring both the lost Sayian as well as Bumble back to show his worth to both parties.

And so, as their spaceship settled on planet Namek's surface, they embark on their next steps together...

Episode Summary
As the door to Capsule Corp Spaceship 1138 settled to the ground below, a warm, pastoral world awaited the heroes outside, constantly bathed in soft sunlight due to its multiple suns. Jutting grass-topped buttes sat atop hundreds of islands, with a couple small continents scattered around the surface. Odd puffball-shaped trees could be seen dotting the landscape.

The ship had landed on a medium-sized island just off the coast of the north-eastern continental mass. As Kanch brought the ship down, a few eagle-eyed passengers managed to pick out a small village across the sea to the west, roughly eight hundred kilometers away. "Remind me why you chose this deserted island to land on, Kanch?" Jamaros asked, turning to the Namekian. With their last several planetary arrivals being less than cordial, Jamaros took this time to sense what he could of the planet, and was relieved to find no evil signatures, and a single power level registering around 60,000 far to the northwest.

"I said I could fly the spaceship, I never said anything about landing the spaceship," Kanch muttered in response.

Kukem shrugged, "We're here in one piece, let's take our victories where we can get them." He glanced at the Dragonball he had received from his cousin, and saw seven blips spread out across the planet, one of which was clearly in the village nearby. "So what do we want to do, grab the farthest one first and work backwards, or head to that nearby village?"

Vulcan, meanwhile, immediately jumped out and began searching for anything shiny. His eyes took him to the edge of the water, where upon closer inspection he found some rock salt in the shallows. Reaching in, he was able to collect two decent-sized selections. His curiosity finally sated, he turned back to the group with a shrug, "I say we go to the village." Before anyone could agree or argue, he took off to the west.

Leaving behind Vulcan's Arlian Commander - somewhat the worse for wear as he had survived several onslaughts of high-gravity training during the trip - everyone followed suit, and as they approached the small village, they noticed all the buildings were low, rounded shapes with bubble windows, quite distinctive and somewhat reminiscent of natural forms like abalone and snail shells.

A squat yellowish Namekian, sweat beading off his brow as he tilled a small square of farmland, looked up at them upon their landing. He was wearing a white scarf around his neck. His chest and stomach were mostly exposed apart from a long flowing brown vest. He also wore baggy white pants with a light purple sash and the brown pointed boots common amongst his race. He appeared surprised, but smiled as he noticed Kanch. "It's not often we get offworlders on Namek. Though come to think of it, we did have that strange Canine show up over two of our years ago..." he trailed off in thought for a moment, before shaking his head slightly. "My name is Eskar, I am the elder of this village. To what do we owe the pleasure?"

Kukem stepped forward, not quite realizing the Namekian was speaking to them all in a common tongue, and began responding very slowly and deliberately, making motions with his arms as he did so. "We came from our planet, Earth," he made a large circle, "to collect Dragonballs," he made a small circle and pointed a dot in the middle, "to save our friends," a choking motion.

"I... do know the common tongue..." Eskar responded. Kukem began making the large circle again for Earth and Jamaros swatted his hands away. Eventually the group got the point across about the battles on Earth and Arlia, and the lives lost that they wanted to restore. By this point several other Namekians had gathered around the group, quite interested in the newcomers. "The Dragonballs, you say? It is a tragedy what happened to your friends and the people of your planet, but you are correct that the Dragonballs can repair some of the damage that has been done. Unfortunately, the great dragon Porunga will not be able to help you with the many people who were slain, the Dragonballs can only return a single person to life per wish, although they can be revived more than once."

Vulcan took this opportunity to begin proselytizing about Vulcanism with his newly-written Tome of Vrixius, penned in both Common and Namekian to practice what Kanch had taught him during their journey. An idea then formed in his head of having proper garments and he asked for a tailor. Eskar pointed him towards one of the small houses, and Vulcan was able to eventually barter with the tailor within to have a robe fashioned in a couple days for four hundred gold coins.

As Kukem muttered about the difference between Namek's Dragonballs and the ones on Earth, Eskar's ears perked up, "A different set of Dragonballs existed on your planet, with different powers? That is most impressive! But how did Dragonballs end up on your planet?" Kukem pointed to Kanch, identifying Kami as the creator of the Dragonballs, and Eskar responded once again, "A Namekian named Kami, your Guardian? Perhaps you speak of the Nameless Namekian, one who left our planet many centuries ago. No one knows whatever became of them, though from time to time we have young Namekians adventure out to try and find the answer, much like you, I believe, Kanch."

Eskar set his gardening tools down. "While I can't speak for the other elders, I believe in the sincerity of your quest for the Dragonballs. I will grant you my village's Dragonball in exchange for your assistance. In the lake to the south of here is a particular type of seaweed, the Fadeleaf, which we use as a delicacy from time to time. Unfortunately the lake has recently had quite a few Steeltooth Piranha take up residence, and we have not been able to collect any Fadeleaf since."

"Piranhas, I hate them!" Kukem exclaimed suddenly. "There's no way I'm going in that water, nuh uh!"

"Fine, You can take point then," Jamaros replied. Kukem muttered but acquiesced, and the group set off to the south, sans Vulcan, who was reading his tome to a Namekian. Vulcan convinced him to join his cult of Vulcanism, and gave him five gold coins as a gift, before the two of them set off behind the rest of the heroes.

After a few minutes of flying, the main group could see the large oblong lake ahead, feeding into the ocean at the continent's southern tip. The water appeared quite calm on the surface, showing no indication of any dangers that may lie within its depths. Occasionally a few bubbles could be seen rising to the surface. Jamaros took out one of his food packs and throw it into the water. At first nothing happened, and the tension began to melt away until suddenly the water exploded into a frothy churning. Seconds later the water became still once again, with no sign of the food.

Vulcan and his new Namekian companion arrived as Jamaros powered up in response. Jamaros then began to wade into the water, while Kanch encouraged him on from the shoreline. After nothing happened Jamaros dove underwater and Vulcan joined him, getting some water in his throat and making a scene splashing. As they dove into the warm waters of the lake, they dod not notice anything out of the ordinary at first. But as they began to descend, suddenly a wall of thirty large, two feet long, angry-looking, and very hungry-looking Steeltooth Piranha appeared charging directly for them!

Jamaros immediately fired his Lone Wolf Bite into the centre of the school of fish, killing five of them, while Vulcan powered up. The piranha went on the offensive, taking small chunks out of both fighters. Kukem and Kanch, seeing the water beginning to froth, both powered up from the shore.

Jamaros struggled with holding his breath and fighting, then grabbed one of the piranha, while Vulcan powered up even further. Kukem stood paralyzed on the shoreline, conflicted about what to do, but Kanch jumped in and punched one of the fish, killing it. The rest of the piranha scattered in response to Vulcan's energy, and he continued to unleash even more as he used Kaio Ken x10, leading into Kaio Ken x15, and finally Kaio Ken x20.

Jamaros, piranha in hand, flew back out of the water and threw the fish directly at Kukem, who received a face full of gnashing teeth. Unfortunately Vulcan's use of Kaio Ken x20 overwhelmed him and he burnt himself out, knocking him unconscious and burning away his clothes in the process. Kukem entered a Saiyan Rage from being hit in the face with the piranha and fired a massive Devastation Cannon directly into the water, taking out four more of the piranhas but managing to hit Kanch directly as a result. Kanch took a page out of Jamaros's book and grabbed one of the fish himself, while the rest continued to take bites out of him. Vulcan's Namekian companion raced into the water as he saw his new master's lifeless body float to the surface, and immediately placed his hands on Vulcan's chest, a Healing glow beginning to transfer life essence into him. Seeing Kukem's attack, Jamaros yelled out, "A bit excessive, don't you think?" before diving back into the water. Kanch then jumped out of the water as well and replicated Jamaros's throw, but this time Kukem countered with another Devastation Cannon, vaporizing the fish mid throw and striking Kanch a second time. Jamaros then fired five Lone Wolf Bites in rapid succession, taking five more fish out, followed by one large Lone Wolf Bite in the center of the school again, killing another six.

Jamaros finished with another round of five Lone Wolf Bites in rapid succession, again reducing another five fish to pink mist, while Vulcan awoke in the water barely alive, and proceeded to swim to the beach with his companion's help. Kukem, now clearly agitated, launched his Heaven's Reign into the sky, slicing into the waters and obliterating the remaining fish, and also doing considerably damage to Jamaros who was caught in the explosion. Kanch now resumed his own dive into the water, while Jamaros popped up quickly to growl, "Now that was excessive!"

As Kanch descended deeper still, the light began to fade from above until he was surrounded by blackness. Suddenly he sensed a change in the water currents, as a second school of forty-five Steeltooth Piranha approached with teeth gnashing! Kanch was able to respond with twelve small rapid-fire energy blasts, taking a dozen of the fish out, but the school descended on him in return, taking a considerable amount of flesh from Kanch. Kukem, thoroughly infuriated, now dove in against his better judgement as he sensed Kanch struggling, and Jamaros followed suit while Vulcan rested on the shore.

Kanch continued with another dozen energy blasts and another dozen kills, while Kukem carelessly blasted another Heaven's Reign deeper into the waters below, killing what was left and injuring Kanch further. Vulcan continued to rest as his companion healed him, while Jamaros dove deeper and met up with Kanch.

With the waters clear for the time being, both of them descended ever further until they began to spot the silhouette of long vine-like shapes in the water waving softly, as if caught in a slight breeze. The leaves of those underwater plants looked blueish-green at first, but upon closer inspection they could see that they shimmered slightly, shifting between yellows, oranges, and reds, before shifting back up the scale to deep blue, then repeating the pattern.

Before either could observe the Fadeleaf any closer, a third Steeltooth Piranha school, this time sixty in total, descended upon them! Jamaros was having enough and activated Kaio Ken x5, while Kanch now began having difficulty breathing and swam back towards the surface. Kukem, sensing the trouble below, but still unable to see anything, fired a massive Heaven's Reign deeper down, killing half a dozen fish and striking Jamaros. The piranhas scattered, but Jamaros was able to kill another ten with ten weak Lone Wolf Bites in rapid succession.

Jamaros repeated his ten weaker Lone Wolf Bites again, and again ten more fish became still. Kanch caught some fresh air and returned back underwater, while Kukem repeated his own Heaven's Reign yet again, four more fish succumbing to the attack and Jamaros taking even more of a beating, on top of the remaining piranhas attacking his flesh. Vulcan, now healed up fairly well, asked his Namekian companion to carry him back to the village.

Becoming quite aggravated himself, Jamaros continued with ten more Lone Wolf Bites and ten more dead piranha, while Kanch arrived on scene and used his dozen weak energy blasts, however the fish were able to evade this time. Kukem, his Saiyan Rage extinguished, began suffering from lack of oxygen, and giving up he began to float to the surface, while the piranhas struck at both Jamaros and Kanch.

With a final set of Lone Wolf Bites and energy blasts, Jamaros and Kanch were able to finally defeat the remaining piranhas, as Kukem reached the surface and berated himself for what he had done while enraged. Jamaros and Kanch were both able to grab a couple fistfuls of Fadeleaf, then began racing back to the surface, their lungs on fire from holding in their breath this long. Soon the deeper waters gave way to sunlight as they blissfully returned to the surface and the northern shore, taking massive gulps of fresh air as they climbed back on land.

With Fadeleaf in hand and the Steeltooth Piranha no longer a concern, the group returned to the small village, meeting Vulcan and his companion as they all arrived. Vulcan immediately set back out towards the tailor, who was able to fit him in a small loincloth while he continued work on the main robe. Seeing them approach, a few Namekians made their way inside one of the buildings, and shortly after Eskar appeared from within. "You're back! Were the Steeltooth Piranha a concern?"

"I... uh... we... they are gone." Jamaros stuttered, disoriented temporarily from his near asphyxiation.

"And how did you fair with the Fadeleaf?" Jamaros and Kanch both presented the fistfuls they were able to obtain, and Eskar lit up, "The village will be able to use this for many days to come, travellers. This is most welcome!"

As Jamaros sat on the ground to clear his head, he spoke up, "I don't... suppose you have... healing... things?"

Eskar tilted his head, "Well... the Fadeleaf does have some small medicinal effects, but it would take time for use to cultivate it properly."

Jamaros was clearly less than thrilled about the answer, then suddenly a small child Namekian poked their head out of the crowd, "Elder! Please let me try!"

"But child, you are still in training..."

"Please Elder, I can help!" Eskar finally nodded in agreement and the child made their way over to Jamaros, placing their hands upon him like Vulcan's companion had done earlier. After a few moments, Jamaros could feel his life force and energy reinvigorated, and he stood back up, thanking the child.

Eskar nodded, then wondered aloud, "It's a shame, though, if only there was some way we could bypass those piranha... once these reserves are used up, we'll be back to the same predicament but unable to call upon your assistance..."

Kanch suddenly had a moment of illumination and reach into a pocket, pulling out a capsule. "What about this?" He pressed the plunger and tossed it into some nearby water, and after a moment and a loud bompf, the smoke cleared to reveal the submarine he had used a year ago on Earth.

Kukem began screaming obscenities, "You mean we had this THE ENTIRE TIME???"

Eskar ignored the outburst, however, as his eyes grew wide. He bowed in appreciation, "Such a gift is perfect, we would be able to gather as much Fadeleaf as we desire without the piranha interfering! You have my deepest thanks, travellers." Eskar shuffled away into his small house, and after a few moments he returned, with a large Dragonball the side of a basketball in his arms. Inside, the glimmer of five stars could be seen. "Please take our Dragonball, and I wish you luck in your quest!"

Vulcan, ever the acquirer of shiny objects, took the Dragonball without hesitation. Pausing, Eskar took a few moments to collect his thoughts, "Your best bet for the next step of your journey would be to head for the central continent next. There are two villages there, each of which have a Dragonball in their care. I know not what trials or challenges await you there, travellers, but I believe you will triumph!"

The group agreed that their best course of action would be to return to their ship with the Dragonball, and waving goodbye, they departed, looking forward to some much-needed rest and recuperation, before setting forth on the next leg of their journey.