Dragonball ZT RPG

Drimys Arrives

In a world without Goku, much has changed. King Piccolo was still defeated by the Heroes of Earth, but not without great stuggle:

Jamaros, a young man with a tail brought up largely in the wilderness with a penchant for fighting, learned of his connection to the terror of the moon-filled nights.

Vanforte, a quiet human with little interest in others, lost the few remaining friends he had to the Other World, and is desparate to somehow get them back.

Vulcan, a care-free beaked human with a love of small animals, was only barely able to survive as King Piccolo fell.

For these heroes, the voice of the Guardian of the Earth came to them at once with crystal clarity: "Heroes of the Earth! Listen to me! You must come at once to Korin's Tower and ascend to the top! Earth faces its greatest danger yet!"

Having all since arrived at the forested base of the tower, they were greeted by Conch, a green-skinned alien with striking similarities to King Piccolo, and who has trained closely with Kami. It is here where they all reunite to determine what the Guardian seeks...

Episode Summary
As the heroes gathered around the base of Korin's Tower, it became distressingly apparent that their next step was, in fact, to climb to the top. Vanforte immediately grabbed onto the side of the tower wall and began his strenous journey upwards. Before departing, Conch took it upon himself to pause briefly at the small Teepee village nearby, rudely rummaging around and gathering anything he could possibly identify as rope, much to the dismay (and stunned disbelief) of the native villagers. Once Conch deemed himself adequately prepared, he and Jamaros both began their climb of the soaring tower and sped upwards with little difficulty. Vulcan made no effort whatsoever on his own, instead deciding to jump atop Vanforte's back to hitch a free ride, which naturally increased Vanforte's struggle. Vanforte valiantly persevered upwards, despite the bird-faced human on his back adding nearly 200 lbs to his own weight. Vanforte climbed until the clouds obstructed the view of the forest floor, and still the climb continued until he and his unruly hitch-hiker could see nothing but endless blue sky. Finally the circular white top of Korin's Tower came into view, albeit high in the distance.

Vanforte sighed with relief upon safely reaching the (glorious, beautiful) ladder to the tower's platform with his "friend" on his back. He carefully reached for the first rung of the ladder, reinvigorated despite the aching in his arms, but alas! Vulcan chose this precarious moment to hop off of Vanforte's back, subsequently dislodging Vanforte's tenous hold on the ladder. Vulcan turned to witness Vanforte fall and found the whole situation quite amusing, particularly when Vanforte made a rather derogatory hand gesture in his direction on his long plummet downward. As Vulcan watched he could make out Vanforte's rapidly shrinking silhouette against the clouds below, and then... nothing. Vanforte hurtled towards the forest floor, colliding with it at terminal velocity and producing a Vanforte-shaped crater upon impact. The native villagers were dumbfounded, but quickly regained their wits and rushed over to assist. a distant trilling could be heard growing louder and louder still, until as Vanforte stood it reached its apex from above. Vulcan's pink kitten, Luna, who Vulcan had tossed off the tower to allegedly assist Vanforte below, collided claws-first directly with Vanforte's head; much to the stunned disbelief of the native villagers.

Vanforte took his time climbing Korin's Tower again with Luna on his shoulder, and approximately an hour later he arrived successfully at the top and made his way up the final ladder, to be greeted by a small, white, rotund cat staring up at him from knee level. "I was wondering when you'd finally make it up here," the cat mused, identifying himself as Korin. He led Vanforte inside to the center of the covered platform where the rest of the heroes awaited, and Vanforte begrudgingly returned Luna to Vulcan. As they explained to Korin their need to reach Kami's Lookout even higher above, Korin gave Vanforte a small bag of 10 senzu beans, figuring they - or at least he - were likely going to need them.

While the group tried to figure out how they were going to get above the tower, since none of them had quite yet figure out how to fly, a small hovercraft suddenly appeared on the edge of the platform from above, large enough to sit six comfortably. It landed and out popped a short, pudgy black man who Conch quickly identified as Mr. Popo. Conch lowered his gaze in respect, while the group wondered aloud why he hadn't just picked them up from the surface. "Why, none of you had asked," Mr. Popo responded matter-of-factly, ushering them into the vehicle.

The vehicle departed Korin's Tower and flew upwards, where the group could see a small circular dot far in the distance above them. It quickly grew as they approached, eventually filling their view as a massive floating sphere. As they came around to the top they noted it was only a semi-sphere, flat on top with a building on one end and rows of trees flanking the center. The hover craft set down on the far side of the platform and everyone hopped out, Vanforte in particular suspicious and scanning for anything of interest. He had heard of the Guardian of the Earth's Lookout before, and knew from legend that it housed many secrets, some of which could train a fighter far beyond any normal mortal means. He also identified a green robed figure approaching from the building.

The figure, Kami, came close and welcomed everyone, thanking them for coming. In order to demonstrate why he had called them all to his Lookout, he motioned behind him where a second figure could be seen in the doorway. Drimys walked out and introduced himself, explaining the risk his people posed to planet Earth. The Leonids of Sparta were coming to gather slaves, and would be roughly 9 months away due to their slower spaceships - Drimys's spaceship was uniquely designed, and could make any trip in a quarter of the time from the rest of his species.

Kami asked him to further demonstrate the danger they posed, to which Drimys punched a massive hole in one of the building's pillars. Kami shook his head in disbelief, explaining that he wanted Drimys to fight the heroes directly. The group all tensed up and began gathering energy for the coming battle, and Conch chose to go all in immediately, launching his Kaiser Blade technique at Drimys without hesitation. The attack connected and cut deep into Drimys, knocking him down immediately and causing Kami to grab a senzu bean off Vanforte to force feed the crippled alien. While everyone stood confused as to how this was any sort of threat to Earth, a howling wind began to gather around Drimys. The alien had arisen, fully healed by the senzu bean, and as electricity crackled around his body he began convulsing and growing. Shock and awe clutched at the other heroes as Drimys completed his transformation into his much larger, stronger Form 2. Vulcan in particular chose this moment to begin hiding behind Vanforte, to no avail.

This time, the heroes were no match and were not able to land a single hit. Drimys, enraged in his new form and seeing red, launched his own Phantom Claw Strike back at Conch, exploding into the Namekian's midsection and turning his entire lower body into ashes. Vanforte did manage to land a punch squarely against Drimys's chin, but it was met only with a glare as the alien's clawed fist punched down, cutting through Vanforte's forehead and swiftly extinguishing his life force. Vulcan managed to hit Drimys with everything he had with his Pink Fluffy Kittens technique, but after the dust settled from the pink lightning bolt Drimys still stood, now even more angered. He similarly bore down on Vulcan, whose own life ended just as quickly as Vanforte.

The only remaining hero still standing was Jamaros, who repeatedly missed with everything he threw at Drimys. It finally took its toll and Jamaros exploded in Saiyan Rage. Suddenly he found himself able to keep up with the alien, but only barely. Unfortunately, Jamaros had exhausted all of his ki in attempting to strike Drimys earlier, and even he could not withstand the onslaught. Unable to keep up, Jamaros was the final hero to succumb to the brutal fists of Drimys. Within minutes, the entire group of heroes were felled, and Drimys's rage subsided as he reverted back to his base form.

The fight confused Drimys, but even that was nothing compared to what Kami asked of him next; Kami knew that there was unlikely to be any way for the heroes to be able to train themselves in the short amount of time that was available before the attack by the Leonids, but he had one last ace in the hole: in the Other World, the great King Kai could train them far beyond their current capabilities, if they could reach him in time. In order to do this, Drimys would need to travel to Other World himself, and to do that, he would need to die.

Suspicious but nonetheless convinced, Drimys placed his fists on his heart and his chin, quickly extending his claws. He body fell limp, but suddenly he found himself in a new world, surrounded by golden clouds and pink skies. A platform led forward with many small white puffs with halos over them, eventually ending at a massive oriental castle. Ahead in line were the other heroes, with Vulcan eagerly trying to eat what were eventually identified as the souls of the dead surrounding them, but ultimately settling on stuffing his face with the many golden clouds instead.

Kami then appeared and ushered the group in to meet with the great King Yemma, who decided on the fate of the dead and whether they would move on to Heaven, or be sent down below to Hell - colloquially known sometimes as the Home For Infinite Losers, or HFIL. Kami argued that the group should be given the opportunity to try and reach King Kai, otherwise the Earth was doomed. King Yemma reluctantly agreed and waved them off, and Kami took the group outside to the head of a large snake, its body twisting and turning into the distance for what appeared to be forever. Kami identified it as Snake Way, and warned the group that King Kai would be at the end of it, 1,000,000 km in length, and that should they fall off they would find themselves trapped in Hell. As the heroes jumped atop Snake Way to begin their next journey, Kami warned them that additionally, every member of the Leonid species that was coming to Earth could also transform much like Drimys...

The heroes had their work ahead cut out for them...