Dragonball ZT RPG

Journey to King Kai's

Last time on Dragonball ZT, the Heroes of the Earth, summoned to the base of Korin's Tower, ascended to the top and met with the small cat. Korin granted them a handful of Senzu Beans before urging them onwards to Kami's Lookout. With the help of Mr. Popo and a hover vehicle, they arrived above and were greeted by the Guardian of the Earth.

Kami introduced them to Drimys, an alien Leonid from the planet Sparta, who had a dire warning for the Earthlings: His people were intent on gathering new slaves for their planet, and they were mere months behind him!

As a demonstration of the dangers ahead, Drimys engaged in battle with the heroes, and through an enraged transformation actually ended all of their lives! Kami then revealed to Drimys that this was in fact a risky gamble on his part, as he hoped they would be able to find King Kai in the Other World and train with him, for any training done on Earth would ultimately be futile before the Leonid threat.

Joining them through a sacrifice of his own life, Drimys and the rest of the heroes now step off on Snake Way, and the clock is ticking!

Episode Summary
With only nine months available to them, the heroes began their arduous journey down the million kilometer Snake Way in order to train with the great King Kai. Vulcan initially took this time to try and sneak his kitten into Jamaros's pocket; he noticed, but let it happen anyway. It was only after everyone departed with bursts of speed that Vulcan realized his kitten was still with Jamaros, and he dutifully sped after them.

Approximately one month into the travels, everyone had gotten used to using ki to increase their pace to nearly the speed of sound for large bounds along the winding and coiling trail. It was here, with roughly a quarter of the road behind them, that they came across three other travellers, all of them distinctly lacking halos of their own. Identifying themselves as the Rumble Gang, these three canine warriors - Bumble, Tumble, and Ruff - explained that their own guardian had granted them access to the Other World in order to hopefully repel an invasion of their home planet, Canis Major, from a race identified as the Saiyans.

While Tumble and Ruff discussed with the others about how similar their goals were, Bumble noticed that Jamaros had a tail and identified him as a Saiyan, much to Jamaros's confusion. Enraged, the three of them jumped back and prepared for battle on the perilous Snake Way with Earth's last hope. Conch, thinking about the possibility of their canine adversaries acting similarly to Earth's own dogs, pretended to throw a ball over the edge of Snake Way; Tumble almost fell for the trick, however stopped himself at the last second as he caught on. Vulcan initially tried to launch everything he had into his Pink Fluffy Kittens technique, however his kitten, indignant at Vulcan's earlier transgression, scratched at his face and returned to his pouch, refusing to participate. Instead, Vulcan decided to use his second-best technique, and hid behind Drimys.

Tumble switched his focus back to the Saiyan and attacked with a Tumble Strike technique, balling up and launching forward at Jamaros. He landed with a solid thud, and while he was unable to hurt Jamaros, he did launch him backwards and almost over the edge of a bend in the path. Ruff, in turn, cast his gaze on Drimys, whom he assumed to be the leader of the group, and charged forward with his Ruff Stuff technique, fists swinging wildly. Drimys deftly shifted his weight to the side and evaded, but unfortunately this left Vulcan wide open to the incoming charge! It connected repeatedly, launching Vulcan backwards unconscious, only to be barely caught by Jamaros at the edge of Snake Way. Bumble took this time to blast Vanforte with his Bumble Blast technique, a crimson beam erupting from his mouth and launching Vanforte into the air, somewhat injured.

Jamaros, deciding he'd had enough, launched a powerful Lone Wolf Bite technique from his own mouth at Ruff, the explosion and subsequent burning rendering the canine a smoking husk falling in the distance into the clouds, a new golden halo clearly gleaming atop his head. Drimys took this opportunity to grab Bumble and hoist him over the edge as far as he could from any possible perch. "I'll remember this!" The large mutt's burly voice exclaimed as the demonic hands of Hell dragged him beneath the clouds. Finally as Vanforte returned to Jamaros' and Vulcan's side, Jamaros launched a second Lone Wolf Bite technique at Tumble, rocketing him into the sky, where a third and final Lone Wolf Bite gave Tumble a similar fate and halo to his leader, Ruff.

After taking some time to recover from the battle and revive Vulcan, the heroes once again set off and met no further incidents along the remainder of Snake Way. As they reached the end - a literal tail - Conch looked up and spotted a small planet high above. On it was only a single road looping around, and a lone house and garage with a single tree nearby. Everyone agreed to try and jump up, but not before Vulcan once again hopped on Vanforte's back, much to the detriment of the squat human. As they neared the planet and realized it was, in fact, ten times the gravity they were used to on Earth, everyone tried to orient themselves for a landing. Drimys, Jamaros, and surprisingly Vulcan were able to stick their landings, but Conch and Vanforte were effectively flattened; Vulcan, in this instance, was flattened by extension as he was under Vanforte.

Conch and Vanforte were eventually able to stand, and not long after they noticed a small primate moving about with relative ease on the surface nearby. Moments later they identified the great King Kai, whom they asked to train them. King Kai initially was interested, and gave them the best jokes he could muster on the spot, but an incredulous group of heroes explained that, no, in fact they were there seeking martial arts training. King Kai did not approve, finding the entire lot of them rather humourless, but one by one the heroes were able to cut King Kai's defenses down with their pithiest puns. King Kai took the group on, and after a week of training, all five of them were able to manoeuvre without difficulty under the strain of the additional gravity.

At this point the real training began, starting with everyone having to capture Bubbles, the small ape. No one was able to get close to the speedy ape until Jamaros sat down for a break with a large assortment of fruit from King Kai's kitchen. Bubbles, ever the glutton, tromped over towards Jamaros sitting in the shade of the tree and asked for some. Jamaros happily obliged, giving Bubbles a hug and effectively "capturing" the ape, despite both of them being dumb as a post. It didn't take long for the others to catch on, and despite King Kai's mutterings about foul play, by the end of the next week everyone had passed.

The next challenge was with striking Gregory, a small and unbelievably fast grasshopper that up until this point no one had even realized was with them. After a week of everyone failing to even come close, eventually the heroes all used their ingenuity to strike the lightning fast bug; of note Drimys used his ki to create after images of himself and confuse Gregory, Conch nearly gave King Kai a heart attack by almost attacking his antique car and forcing Gregory to take the hit instead, and Vanforte increased his speed until his clothes burned off in order to strike successfully, distracting everyone in the process.

Their tasks completed, King Kai finally began training the heroes to master his ultimate technique, the Kaio Ken. It took several weeks, and while everyone did eventually grasp how to utilize its power, no one was able to quite overcome the strain it placed on their bodies. Additionally King Kai taught all of them the power of flight before allowing them to focus on their training at their own paces for the remaining month they had.

Finally, Kami's voice came to all of them; the fateful day had arrived, and the Leonid ships were almost to Earth! The heroes left King Kai's, his emblem now proudly displayed on their clothing, and took only a week to fly back to King Yemma's palace, where Kami awaited. As they arrived their halos all faded, and Kami appeared in front of them. Wasting no time, he grabbed all the heroes together and they were immediately teleported back to Kami's Lookout. It was night time, the clouds were thick overhead even at this height, and the heroes were ready to face the alien threat!