Dragonball ZT RPG

Attack of the Leonids

Last time on Dragonball ZT, the Heroes of the Earth began their arduous journey down the impossibly long Snake Way, in hopes of finding and training with the great King Kai. Only a quarter of the way in they were met by a group of three Chi-Chi-Wah fighters known as the Rumble Gang. Heroes of their own planet, Canis Major, they had been given special permission by their own guardian to enter Other World alive. Their planet was being targeted for a Saiyan invasion and they were travelling Snake Way in the hopes of training with King Kai as well.

Identifying Jamaros as a Saiyan himself, the Rumble Gang attacked, but were ultimately defeated and sent to Hell. The Heroes of the Earth continued unabated and finally found King Kai, whose training was invaluable towards greatly increasing their strength. He additionally provided them with the powerful Kaio Ken technique, as well as unlocking the secrets of flight.

Now, nine months later since the arrival of Drimys, the heroes have returned to life and to Kami's Lookout, just in time to face the Leonid invasion!

Episode Summary
The first thing on at least Vanforte's mind as everyone gathered their bearings on Kami's Lookout was how they had been brought back to life. Kami explained to the group that he had used the Earth's Dragonballs, seven mystical golden orbs that, when brought together, can summon the mighty dragon Shenron to grant a single wish. It was this wish which Kami had used to bring the heroes back, after which the Dragonballs departed, scattering and turning to stone for another year.

The second thing on Vanforte's mind was his stomach, and he quickly scurried over to the interior of the lookout for some of Mr. Popo's cooking. Afterwards, the group realized that they could sense a great power somewhere to the far east, while Jamaros identified three further powers, one to the north, one to the south, and one far closer in the east. Vulcan's excellent knowledge of the planet's geography allowed him to deduce that the four powers were each at one of the major cities on Earth, and he additionally knew roughly how far away they were from the group.

Deciding to tackle the nearest power, the group set off with haste, flying at Mach Eight over the western bay. They arrived a half hour later to West City, where people were being rounded up into cages and being taken on skiffs to a large spear-shaped spaceship awaiting overhead. In the middle of the city stood a Leonid that Drimys identified as Dory, one of the Spartan Vanguard. Dory's scouter identified the group's power levels as insignificant, but after a very brief exchange of words Vulcan interrupted with several hundred ki worth of Pink Fluffy Kittens, catching Dory off guard mid-sentence. The Leonid was instantly vaporized by the lightning bolt, and all that remained were ashes scattering in the night breeze.

The citizens of West City began to rejoice and Drimys started freeing them off the floating skiffs, but before the last group could exit the spaceship above it self-destructed, apparently linked directly to Dory's life force. The heroes were disheartened but pressed on, the next closest power being to the south. Again they took off, this time crossing the ocean to the large southern subcontinent, and arrived at South City a half hour later. Here the captured humans were already fully loaded into a second spear-shaped spaceship above, but another Leonid stood waiting below.

This time the Leonid was prepared. Identified by Drimys as Othisi, another brief exchange of words demanding to know what happened to Dory occurred, followed quickly by the group attacking. Vulcan again opened up with his Pink Fluffy Kittens technique. Othisi was prepared, however, and the bolt reflected back at Vulcan before deflecting off to the side into a nearby structure. Othisi held his ground best he could, but he still continued to underestimate the heroes, whose power levels were suppressed from their maximums. Knowing now about the spaceship failsafe, Drimys flew up to the ship as he was already familiar with his planet's technology, while the others contended with Othisi below. Jamaros managed to punch Othisi squarely into the side of a building and shattered his Deflection, then Conch executed a powerful Makouhou Beam technique from his mouth; the yellowish, golden-cored beam crashed into Othisi and sent splitting mini-blasts into all directions as the Leonid absorbed it best he could.

Enraged by their obstinance, Othisi transformed into his Form 2, but even with his increased power his hubris got the best of him. Drimys was able to disengage the ship's self-destruct, and began releasing the humans aboard. Weakened from the earlier attacks below, Othisi was in no condition to take Vanforte's Blast of Fury to the face, and as the smoke cleared from the explosion his mangled body collapsed to the ground. Othisi managed to utter a final, "The others will know..." before he laid still, life force utterly absent.

Regrouping in the city, Jamaros detected that the two remaining powers that could be sensed were leaving their cities and converging on a point somewhere to the north of them. Working with Vulcan, they concluded that the Leonids were heading for the Central Capitol. Before they left, the heroes took in the view of the surrounding city, heavily damaged by the battle they had endured. Several structures had collapsed, and many had holes and rubble from the energy blasts being thrown about in close quarters. Civilians had definitely suffered, but the heroes launched upwards, flying north to the Central Capitol as fast as they could.

As everyone arrived at the Central Capitol, there were no spaceships to be found; a cursory sense from Jamaros indicated that two clusters of humans were overhead in low orbit. Instead, they found two Leonid warriors waiting for them in the streets below. Machairia, already transformed into his Form 2 state, and Tomi, who was still holding firm in his base form. This time the heroes were able to gather some more information from the Leonids, who confirmed what Drimys had told them about the humans being captured for slave work. Tomi's scouter indicated that Vulcan, who had powered up the most, was the greatest threat, and he left Machairia to deal with the others while he focused his efforts against the beaked human.

A furious battle ensued, with the heroes launching everything they had repeatedly at Machairia, who soaked up a seemingly endless supply of damage launched at him. Each attack began to steadily show a greater and greater toll being taken on the Leonid, only amplified further as Conch utilized his Kaio Ken to further increase his power. Not to be outdone, Jamaros used his Kaio Ken x4, while Drimys transformed into his Form 2. Attack after attack was launched at Machairia, with many missing but plenty still connecting with crippling damage. Still he stood his ground, and even Tomi had to transform into his Form 2 in order to keep pace. After what felt like hours, finally Machairia knew they had still underestimated the warriors of the Earth, and he used this opportunity to flee as fast as he could back to his ship. Tomi dutifully stayed behind to cover his friend's escape, firing everything he could at Vanforte and cutting through a significant Deflection with a sizable amount of power.

In the end it was not enough, and while Drimys had intended to only weaken Tomi to stop him, Drimys vastly overestimated what reserves remained within Tomi, and his Phantom Claw Strike technique obliterated Tomi into nothingness; minutes later above in the clearing night sky, a brief shining light could be seen as Tomi's ship self-destructed, the full capacity of humans from East City being extinguished in the night. As everyone took in the surroundings of the city, they could see the scars of battle everywhere. Entire blocks had been reduced to debris, and scattered civilians could be seen running, screaming that the monsters were still there. The "Heroes" (?) knew that one ship had survived, and Kami's telepathic voice confirmed to them that they could still save the remaining humans by following them back to Sparta, the Leonid homeworld.

With the autopilot of Drimys' ship bringing it to them from Kami's Lookout, the group soon boarded and prepared for a year-long trip in space to bring the fight to the Leonids on their home turf...