Dragonball ZT RPG

Earth Strikes Back

Last time on Dragonball ZT, the Heroes of the Earth scrambled to intercept the four Leonids who were assaulting the North, East, West, and South Cities, seeking humans to use as slave labor on their home planet of Sparta. The first opponent Dory was quickly dispatched in West City, but not without repercussion as the self-destruct of his spaceship claimed civilian lives.

Next was Othisi of South City, who was able to be delayed long enough even after transforming for Drimys to disable his ship's self-destruct, saving everyone who was captured after the heroes defeated the threat. Finally, everyone made haste for the Central Capitol, where Machairia and Tomi awaited them.

A fierce battle ensued, collapsing the city around them and claiming the lives of many nearby civilians. Tomi was eventually slain, but everyone onboard his ship in orbit above paid the price. Machairia was barely able to escape with his life and departed for Sparta, but the "Heroes" (?) soon followed suit. Now, a year of travel has honed their skills in preparation to bring the fight to the Leonids' doorstep...

Episode Summary
Drimys's ship arrived in orbit shortly after Machairia's own sword-shaped vehicle, which had already descended to an island holding compound to transfer the captive humans. Knowing the planetary defenses would soon be tracking them, Drimys angled his ship down and charged for the island, landing a few dozen meters from the compound in the evening. The heroes emerged and were immediately engaged by a squad of Leonid soldiers firing wide, led by a furious Machairia. Everyone began powering up as the soldiers fired on them a second time, this time taking care to aim. Vanforte took a hit, while Jamaros, Drimys, and Vulcan were each shot twice, but lady luck was particularly cruel to Conch who was shot five times, suffering the loss of an arm and leg in the process. Vanforte responded with a large, explosive Blast of Fury, detonating in the center of the squad and killing them all instantly in an area of effect.

His squad already lost, Machairia rushed in and struck Jamaros, sending him reeling backwards into the hull of Drimys's ship and leaving a Jamaros-shaped dent as he fell to the ground. Again Vanforte attacked with his Blast of Fury, but Machairia was prepared and the attack reflected back to Vanforte, singeing his clothes and hair slightly. Jamaros, laughing at Machairia's attack, stood and jumped immediately back into Machairia's face, who awarded him with a second strike, sending him flying back again, and leaving a second Jamaros-shaped dent in the ship's hull next to the first. Drimys was done seeing his ship abused and moved in to strike at Machairia with his own fist, landing squarely against his jaw.

As the heroes exchanged blows, Vulcan took this time to fly as fast as he could to the compound itself, and using his superior intellect he was able to convince the guards to give up and run away. This Mental Control was not something he had ever tried before, but it was clearly something useful to remember for later. As Vulcan began ferrying the humans back to the cargo bay of Drimys's ship, Conch used his Namekian Instant Healing and recovered his lost limbs, his arm and leg shooting out of his stumps with explosive force and causing Vanforte to double-take.

Seeing Drimys break through Machairia's defenses, Vanforte struck with his third Blast of Fury, which Machairia countered at the last second with an energy blast of his own, entering into a beam battle with Vanforte. Seeing an opportunity with Machairia distracted, Jamaros easily struck him with a Lone Wolf Bite, burning deep into the Leonid's skin. Conch, now recovered and eager to add to Machairia's misfortune, joined in with Vanforte and added even more ki to the Beam Battle, pushing the center-point ever closer to the struggling alien. Adding to the pressure, Jamaros struck a second time straight to Machairia's face, but Machairia held his ground firm.

Suddenly, loud voices could be heard over Machairia's scouter. Mostly unintelligible to the heroes, a few key words did come through clearly, such as Capital, Lepida, and Living Blade. Machairia cursed at being called back to headquarters and threw his arms up to weather the incoming blasts as best he could, 1,000 ki impacting into him directly. Only barely surviving, he then took off at Mach Four, flying away from the compound.

Drimys and Conch were not about to let Machairia get away for a second time, and pursued at Mach Eight, while Jamaros followed behind at Machairia's speed. Drimys and Conch closed the gap with blinding speed and both attacked, Drimys with a Phantom Claw Strike and Conch slashing three times with his Kaizer Swords, but Machairia was able to just barely evade them all. It would be all for naught, however, as the deep burns from Jamaros's earlier attacks proved too much for the Leonid, and he fell out of the sky into the waters below, his life force extinguished. Drimys took a moment to gather the Leonid's scouter before the three of them returned to Vulcan and Vanforte at the compound, who finished loading the remaining humans onboard Drimys's ship.

Everyone took a moment to gather their thoughts, and it was decided that they should make for the capital to send a message to the Leonids and their military: Earth is off limits. Leaving the ship at the compound so the humans would be safe, Drimys was able to direct the group to the capital, and specifically the military headquarters. They flew in directly and were met by Lepida and his senior advisors. Lepida rose and held the rest of the Leonids back, wanting to take care of the heroes himself. Suddenly he began glowing, a crackling energy surrounding him as his skin hardened into a bronzed armor, his veins pumping like heated metal: Lepida's Form 3 transformation was activated!

Lepida was considerably more powerful than the heroes, the scouter on Drimys's face confirming a power level of 48,000. Jamaros was not to be outdone and used his Kaio-Ken x5 technique to level the field, but Lepida was still able to strike Jamaros with his extended claws, launching him backwards out the main entrance and into the courtyard beyond. Vanforte tried his best to strike with his Blast of Fury, but Lepida deftly knocked it skyward, out of harm's way for the citizens of the city. As the rest of the heroes prepared for the fight, a terrifying noise could be heard outside; night had finally fallen, and Jamaros had looked up. "You brought a Saiyan!" Lepida exclaimed, as under the light of the full moon Jamaros began to transform into a monstrous berserk Oozaru, immediately grabbing the nearest thing he could find - an entire building - to threw at the military headquarters. The building crashed and collapsed the roof, damaging everyone inside. Vulcan attempted to assist by using his Mental Control to get the great ape to grab Lepida, but instead it threw a second building, causing indiscriminate destruction.

Drimys, Vanforte, and Conch continued to try and attack Lepida, who had ceased attacking and taken up a defensive position. Drimys's own attacks were large enough that they caught the attention of the great ape, which turned its attention on its former ally, and Lepida tried to convince the heroes that they needed to work together, or the capital and the entire planet could be wiped out. Drimys eventually conceded, but on one condition: Earth was not to be targeted by Sparta again.

Lepida agreed on his honor, and began to charge an incredibly powerful energy blast, while the heroes did what they could to keep the great ape distracted. With over 2,000 ki charged into his attack, Lepida finally launched the massive blast at the great ape, connecting and enveloping it. As the great ape was lifted up by the blast and tumbled, it was eventually pushed out of the stream and fell to the ground, while the attack continued on its trajectory high above. Seconds later the moon of Sparta was replaced by a brilliant blinding light, and as the sky grew dark the floating remains of the planet's only natural satellite could be seen above, fractured and split into several large chunks.

With the moon destroyed, Jamaros's transformation began to subdue, and he found himself back in his own right senses laying on the ground. The capital city of Sparta, while damaged, was saved by the quick acting of the heroes and Lepida. Lepida stuck to his word, allowing the humans and the heroes to go free. He even added that the Leonids would be revisiting their slavery policies in the future. That being said, he was not particularly fond of the thought of seeing Drimys again any time soon.

The heroes made their way back to Drimys's ship and departed with haste from Sparta, returning to Earth in only three months. But unbeknownst to them, the battle on Sparta was picked up through the scouters by the Frieza Force. Two Saiyans were dispatched from the recently conquered planet of Canis Major back to planet Vegeta to receive new orders. From there they made their way to Sparta to find out just what had happened, before returning to planet Vegeta with their report. Their report left out exactly where these warriors and their Saiyan had come from, but it wouldn't take long for the Frieza Force to eventually find out that there was a new group of kids in their playground.

Their report concluded, the two Saiyans went about their normal duties for two more months until they had an opportunity to move around without any attention paid to them. They departed planet Vegeta with haste and set a direct course to planet Earth...