Dragonball ZT RPG


Circa Age 500

Circa Age 550

  • The first Saiyans land on planet Plant using stolen spaceships after the destruction of their original home, Sadala. They eventually defeat the Tuffles and rename the planet to planet Vegeta.

Age 622

  • Sagi-Shi is born on planet Katei.

Age 715

  • Emperor Pilaf is born on planet Earth.
  • Sagi-Shi arrives on planet Earth.

Age 727

  • Drimys is born on planet Sparta.
  • Vanforte is "born" on planet Earth.

Age 731

  • The Saiyans are annexed by the galactic overlord King Cold and start conquering planets to sell. King Vegeta marries his queen.

Age 732

  • Vegeta is born on planet Vegeta. King Cold visits to announce his retirement and that his son, Frieza, will take over command of the Saiyans.
  • Conch is born on planet Namek.

Age 737

  • Squishy is born on planet Vegeta and sent to planet Earth. He lands and hits his head, suffering severe head trauma which ultimately cleared him of much of his Saiyan aggression. Growing up without a name in the wild, he eventually settles on Jamaros.
  • While the Saiyans are concerning to Frieza, their usefulness is still outweighing the risk. With no exceptional power levels detected, planet Vegeta remains intact.

Age 742

  • Vulcan is born on planet Earth.

Age 749

  • Bulma discovers the 2-Star Dragonball in her basement. She then discovers the 5-Star Dragonball in a cave to the north. She decides to use her summer vacation to search for the Dragonballs, and discovers the 4-Star Dragonball in a shrine owned by the late Gohan. She then travels across the ocean and meets Master Roshi, who gives her the 3-Star Dragonball as a reward for bringing him his turtle back and giving it water.
  • Master Roshi stops the reign of the "terrible" Oolong, and an old woman gives Bulma and him the 6-Star Dragonball. Master Roshi, Bulma and Oolong then meet Yamcha and Puar for the first time. Yamcha and Puar decide to secretly follow Master Roshi, Bulma and Oolong on their quest.
  • Master Roshi uses the Kamehameha to put out the flames on Frying Pan Mountain, although he destroys the mountain along with the castle as well. Among the debris, the 7-Star Dragonball is found.
  • Mai and Shu steal the Dragonballs from Bulma and the gang. Pilaf summons Shenron and Oolong wishes for panties. Nearby, a young Jamaros looks at the moon and transforms into an Oozaru, destroying Pilaf's castle.

Age 750

  • Conch travels from planet Namek to planet Earth, eager to learn about the legendary nameless Namekian who made the journey hundreds of years prior.
  • Colonel Silver of the Red Ribbon Army begins his search for the Dragonballs. The Red Ribbon Army's Brown Squad finds the 7-Star Dragonball. The Red Ribbon Army subsequently obtain the 6-Star and 5-Star Dragonballs.
  • After defeating Colonel Silver, Conch ends up in Jingle Village and then takes down White Corp in Muscle Tower. Conch confronts General Blue, fights and eventually lands in Penguin Village. Arale beats Blue by herself. Mercenary Tao kills General Blue and then beats Conch at the base of Korin Tower. Conch begins climbing the tower. He reaches the top of Korin Tower and begins his training to take the Sacred Water from Korin. After 3 days Conch finally obtains the "Sacred Water". Conch defeats Mercenary Tao and single-handedly destroys the entire Red Ribbon Army.

Age 752

  • Tnsumi and Kukem arrive from Age 500 with no fuel remaining to time travel. Having no choice but to try and blend in, they use the ship's regular engine to travel to planet Vegeta and begin working with the Frieza Force. Not long after arriving, Kukem figures out that planet Vegeta was supposed to have been destroyed years prior by Frieza, leading to the realization that they had created an entirely new timeline. They dismantle their time machine immediately afterwards in order to prevent any further timeline abuse, as this was a cardinal sin in the Time Patrol.

Age 753

  • The 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai takes place on Papaya Island. Tien Shinhan wins, Jamaros comes in second place. Krillin is killed by Tambourine and King Piccolo appears.
  • Conch meets Yajirobe and soon after kills Tambourine. Jamaros crosses paths with Piccolo and is easily defeated. Shogari is killed and Vanforte nearly as well by King Piccolo, who then uses the Dragonballs to restore his youth. He attacks the King's Castle and takes over planet Earth, while Vulcan only narrowly escapes. Yajirobe climbs Korin Tower while carrying Conch.
  • Jamaros transforms into an Oozaru and kills King Piccolo. King Piccolo gives birth to his reincarnation, Piccolo Jr. Conch reaches the Lookout and trains there for the next three years with Mr. Popo and Kami.

Age 755

  • Tnsumi is nearly killed in a battle while working with the Frieze Force, losing his Saiyan Tail permanently as a result.

Age 756

  • The 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai takes place on Papaya Island. Piccolo wins, and having fought toe to toe with Jamaros, he is impressed and decides to focus on overcoming his rival.

Age 761

  • Drimys Arrives - Jamaros, Vanforte, Vulcan and Conch meet Drimys, and through a show of force are defeated and transported to Other World, where they are joined by Drimys and must seek out King Kai for training.
  • Journey to King Kai's - The heroes travel along Snake Way and battle with the Rumble Gang, emerging victorious. They reach King Kai's planet and train for four months before being recalled to planet Earth by Kami.
  • Defeated, the Rumble Gang land in Hell and assist Goz and Mez in stopping a disgruntled upstart, Duke Chutney, from trying to take over Hell for his own foul purposes. Succeeding, they are granted the opportunity to return to Snake Way and try a second time to reach King Kai. Several months later they finally arrive not long after the heroes departed for planet Earth.

Age 762

  • Attack of the Leonids - Freshly returned to life, the heroes learn of four Leonid warriors simultaneously attacking North, East, West, and South Cities. They are able to dispatch three of them at the expense of many civilians and much of the Central Capitol, while Machairia escapes back to planet Sparta with some humans aboard his ship.
  • The Rumble Gang train with King Kai for as long as they are able, until their Guardian returns for them upon the eve of the Saiyan invasion of Canis Major. Being the only one still alive and able to leave Other World, Bumble agrees to travel to planet Namek in hopes of using their mystical orbs, the Dragonballs, to return his friends to life. Meanwhile, Tumble and Ruff remain with King Kai and train, determined to reclaim their planet and take vengeance on both the Saiyans and the group that threw them off Snake Way.

Age 763

  • Earth Strikes Back - Arriving on planet Sparta, the heroes fight the Leonid military to rescue the captured humans from an island compound. To ensure the Leonids don't strike again, they travel to the military headquarters in the planet Spartan capital. There they face off against the military commander, Lepida, and even Jamaros when he transforms into an Oozaru at the light of the full moon.
  • Drimys flies the other heroes back to planet Earth. His mission completed, he takes his leave and returns to planet Sparta in the hopes of assisting with the rebuilding efforts, and ensuring Lepida sticks to his word about reforming the Leonid slavery policies.
  • Bumble makes it to planet Namek and, hearing his plea, the locals are able to assist him in securing the Dragonballs and summoning the mighty Porunga. Bumble wishes Tumble and Ruff back to life, and for his final wish he seeks to be given the same strength they had from their extra training with King Kai. Bumble then races back to Canis Major to deal with the Saiyan invasion and give his friends a safe world to return to. Tumble and Ruff remain with King Kai, alive, and cheer on their now much stronger friend.
  • Battle at Capsule Corp - Awakening to Vanforte's disappearance with two Dragonballs, the heroes soon realize an attack on the Capsule Corp headquarters is their former ally, and make haste to stop them. A fierce battle ensues, resulting in Vanforte changing into his true form, an alien known as Sagi-Shi. Soon after two Saiyans, Tnsumi and Kukem, arrive and interrupt the battle to assist.
  • Bumble arrives at Canis Major and with his newfound strength is able to stand up against the Saiyan invasion. While the Saiyans' Oozaru transformations close the gap, Tumble and Ruff are able to join Bumble in the midst of battle, ultimately turning the tides and succeeding at forcing the Saiyans to retreat. With victory in their hands, the Rumble Gang set out rebuilding and recovering their planet from the destruction and chaos.
  • 4 Stars on the Horizon - With their Dragon Radar stolen, Bulma sets to work on restoring an older, larger prototype build. Unable to determine where Sagi-Shi has disappeared to, the heroes choose to try and find a Dragonball for themselves in order to hamper the alien's plans. They depart for the southern mountains outside of West City and make their way through an ancient underground temple, eventually discovering the 4-Star Dragonball within. As they leave Tnsumi detects multiple evil power sources within West City, and upon return the heroes find the city ablaze. They are able to dispatch Sagi-Shi's henchmen with little effort, but are surprised at the arrival of five much stronger adversaries who are itching for battle.
  • Battle for the 4-Star Ball - The heroes engage in battle with Sagi-Shi's five henchmen, Kaen, Mizu, Jimen, Hyo, and Mokuzai within West City. Despite being focused down, Jamaros is able to stand his ground, allowing Vulcan and Conch time to strike back. Tnsumi is launched in the air by Kaen, which proves to be the last straw for the Saiyan. He explodes in a golden eruption of ki, transforming into a Super Saiyan with a power level surpassing a million, and quickly returns to the battle to dispatch Kaen. The heroes are able to finish off Jimen and Mokuzai, while Hyo escapes at the last second. Piccolo arrives in the aftermath, confirming Jimen to be his son.
  • As reconstruction efforts continue on planet Canis Major, the Rumble Gang continue to support their brethren while taking turns training, knowing that the Saiyans or worse could come back at any time.
  • The 1-Star Screw Over - The heroes discover a Dragonball is at Kame House and rush to get it before Sagi-Shi's forces can. Arriving too late, they confront Hyo and Mizu and find Master Roshi and Turtle have both been slain. Battle ensues and Mizu is killed, but not before Hyo can escape with the 1-Star Dragonball. Kukem contacts Tnsumi and informs him that a Saiyan invasion of planet Arlia has gone awry and he needs help before Frieza decides to step in.
  • Ruff receives a distress call from the nearby planet Arlia, who have found themselves under a similar Saiyan invasion that befell planet Canis Major. Rising to the occasion, he and the rest of the Rumble Gang finish their training and support, vowing to protect the Arlians as they begin making final preparations for departure.
  • Yamcha and Tien discover the death of the beloved Master Roshi. They vow vengeance on whoever killed him, knowing that he cannot be brought back to life a second time by the Dragonballs. They decide to seek out Piccolo, the only other warrior on Earth strong enough to help them in their task.
  • Showdown on the Lookout - The heroes are alerted to Sagi-Shi using Kami's Lookout to finalize his plans, having gathered all seven Dragonballs. Vulcan attempts to join with Sagi-Shi. Rescuing Kami, the heroes confront Sagi-Shi and his henchmen, but Kami is fatally wounded in the fight. Conch agrees to fuse with Kami, creating Kanch, which causes the Dragonballs to go inert and return to stone before Sagi-Shi can complete his wish. Hyo is knocked off the platform before Jamaros can finish her off, and Vulcan gives chase. Tnsumi and Jamaros both transform into Super Saiyans to deal with a much stronger Sagi-Shi in Monster Form. Sagi-Shi is finally defeated, and his general, Tokugawa, returns to Katei to face punishment.
  • Taking pity on Vulcan's predicament, Bulma assists him in seeking out Master Roshi's sister, Fortuneteller Baba, to reverse his betrayal of his friends. Fortuneteller Baba's spell succeeds and everyone forgets the betrayal, believing that Vulcan fought alongside them. Only Bulma, Baba and Vulcan remember what really happened. In penance, to power the spell Vulcan has to sacrifice almost all of his worldly belongings. He is able to return to the group with only his longsword still in his possession.
  • Tnsumi, unable to wield such a weapon, gives Tokugawa's katana to Vulcan. Bulma is able to meld the katana with Vulcan's longsword, reinforcing Vulcan's longsword and greatly increasing its strength.
  • Bulma and her father complete the construction of Capsule Corp Spaceship 1138. The heroes quickly prepare and board it, launching for the planet Arlia.
  • The Rumble Gang depart for planet Arlia, intent on assisting the Arlians.
  • With Kami no longer a separate entity, Piccolo's spirit begins to fade. Without the Dragonballs, and with threats far more powerful than they alone can muster, Yamcha and Tien take him to the Red Ribbon Army's Dr. Gero, in hopes he can convert Piccolo into an android before he is lost.

Age 764

  • Resistance is Futile - The heroes land on planet Arlia and meet up with Kukem, who briefs them on the situation. They head to Weevil City and confront Bok and May, two of the renegade Saiyans that have been committing atrocities against the Arlians. Bok and May are both defeated, even with their Saiyan Rage to support them. Not long after the battle subsides the Rumble Gang arrive at the scene of battle ready to fight, but are convinced by the local Arlians that the heroes are there to help. Calling a temporary truce, they are all alarmed when a massive fireball leads Kukem to believe that Paragus has just destroyed a large part of the planet.
  • March of the Saladmen - While Kanch remains in Weevil city to help with the cleanup, Tnsumi explains the timeline split to the others. The Rumble Gang, confident in their abilities, depart to take on Paragus directly, while the heroes travel to Adephaga City to stop Teebs and Ronc from killing the resistance leader, Cicadea. Both Saiyans are killed after an exhaustive melee-focused fight, and CIcadea is successfully returned to Weevil City. The Rumble Gang's fight with Paragus goes decidedly worse, as Bumble sacrifices himself by staying behind and using his Kaio Ken x40, giving the others time to barely escape with their lives back to Weevil City.
  • Battle for Arlia - Regrouped and rejuvinated, the heroes set out to combat Paragus in a final showdown on the western outskirts of Weevil City. Paragus immediately removes both Jamaros's and Kukem's tails to prevent them from using their Oozaru transformations, but is surprised by Jamaros's Super Saiyan transformation in response. With the combined might of two Super Saiyans, a fused Namekian, and Vulcan's considerable blade expertise, they are able to defeat Paragus, but not without the ultimate sacrifice from Tnsumi, holding Paragus still for Vulcan's longsword to strike true and becoming impaled himself.
  • Kukem convinces the heroes that, with their Dragon Radar, they can travel to planet Namek and use the Namekian Dragonballs to undo some of the damage that has befallen themselves and planet Earth. They depart planet Arlia on a nine week journey to planet Namek with their Capsule Corporation Spaceship 1138; Kukem's Saiyan Globeship remains behind.
  • Tnsumi travels Snake Way to King Kai's planet in under a day, coming face-to-face with Bumble, who had arrived only a day earlier. After Tnsumi successfully captures and strikes Bubbles and Gregory, respectively, the two begin a strenuous training regimen under King Kai, sparring the days away while they await revival by their respective allies.
  • Tumble and Ruff depart planet Arlia and return to Canis Major, determined to train even further beyond their limits and find a way to bring Bumble back to life, as he did for them.

Age 822 - Original Timeline

  • Kukem is born on planet Earth.

Age 827 - Original Timeline

  • Peezer is born on planet Earth. He eventually grows to hate his Saiyan name, instead opting for a more human name, Tnsumi.

Age 852 - Original Timeline

  • Tnsumi and Kukem, fresh from their Time Patrol training, decide to go on a small expedition to the original Saiyan homeworld of Sadala, which was destroyed around Age 550. They borrow a time machine and set out for Age 500. However, due to their actions on planet Sadala the timeline diverges, and this future is made unreachable by the two...